Do you have a favorite time of the month to hit the casino?

My favorite time of year, is right at tax time. Idk why I seem to hit more, however, this year was a total bust.

As far as monthly , though, we are still trying to figure out why we do better either the last day or first day. Seriously thinking of limiting our time there to just those days . I go once a week, Sunday afternoon, and he goes both Saturday and Sunday. Imagine all the money we could save up for one trip.

Its a crazy world out there. Pandemic related or not.

We pass a perfectly fine casino, who does not even open until noon. Rumor has it , they and all of them really, can't find employees. I know they are loosing money. Mine for one.

The casino I visit, has not had any promotions to speak of. Those that happen, are what I consider the middle of the night. I mean come on, we are daytime gamblers. We used to qualify to senior days, ladies day, mens day, tournaments, drawings, free rooms, free food. Now we get a little free play. That's it. No other reason to visit. So yes, I didn't mean to turn this into a rant, we are looking to limit our losses.