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    Slot Machine Payout Percentages- Here They Are

    I have decided to log all the payout range percentages (rounded up or down to the nearest whole percentage) in alphabetical order for all available demoninations. For progressives, the second number range are for non-progressives (AKA "stand-alone machines). THIS LIST IS MAINLY FOR SCOUTING CERTAIN DESIGNATED/CERTIFIED BEST PAYOUT SLOTS WHICH ARE MARKED IN CERTAIN CASINOS PARTICIPATING IN SUCH A PROMOTION AND FOR ANY FIXED PAYOUT MACHINES. Only the most popular machines are listed. Anyone notice a pattern here?...Have Fun :
    Bank Busters 90%-93%
    Big Bang Event (Bigger) 86%progressive/83%-94%
    Deal or No Deal Passion Deluxe 86%-94%
    Deal or No Deal Blue Version 88%-92%
    Deal or No Deal Passion 90%-96%
    Diamond Jackpots 88%-97%
    Ebay 86%-94%
    Game of Life 86%-96%
    Happy Days 88%-94%
    Hot Hot Penny Super Respin 87%-94%
    Indiana Jones 86%progressive/86%-94%
    Jaws 89%-92%
    Jeopardy (new) 86%-94%
    Monopoly Jackpot Station 86%progressive/86%-94%
    Monopoly Grand Hotel Big Event 86%progressive/86%-96%
    Monopoly Real Estate Tycoon 86%-94%
    MR WOO 91% – 92%
    Party Spin (ultimate) 88%-95%
    Powerball 87%-96%
    Price is Right (Cliffhangers) 85%-98%
    Slingo 86%-92%
    Star Trek 86%-94%
    Video Poker 92%-101% (with perfect play)
    Wheel of Fortune Multi Win 87%-89%progressive/88%-94%
    Wheel of Fortune Super Spin 88%-94% (Bonus Frequency is 1 in 40 for penny version and 1 in 49 for nickle version)
    Wizard of Oz 86%progressive/86%-94%
    Wolf Run 86%-94%
    Updated May 2010
    Hot Shot Cash Wheel 86%-98%
    Sex and the City 90%-95%
    Fireball 85%-96%
    Monopoly Advance to Boardwalk 86%-96%
    Wheel of Fortune 100 line progressive 88-89%, non-progressive 86%-94%
    Ultimate Tower of Power 86%-88%
    Megabucks Multilevel 86% (all machines)
    Super Big Game Show Community 88%-90%
    UPDATED November 2010
    Alice in Wonderland 89%-94%
    Hot Shot Progressive 85%-96%
    Press Your Luck 87%-96%
    Lord of the Rings 86%-96%
    Star Wars Droid Hunt progressive 87%-89%, non-progressive 88%-94%
    UPDATED January 2011
    Rickety Cricket 88%-93%
    Ice Cap Cash 82%-92%
    Arctic Spirit 85%-92%
    Jumpin Jalapenos 86%-94%
    Playboy Platinum 85%-96%
    Witches Riches 87%-98%
    African Diamond 82%-98%
    Mystic Pearls 86%-96%
    Goldfish Race for Gold 88%-96%
    Ultimate Tower of Power 87-88%
    Heat Engine 90.7% fixed all machines
    Final Update to Payouts Before Meet and Greet March 2011
    Cash Wizard 86-90%
    Rhythms of Rio 90.1 fixed all machines
    Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle 88-94%
    Turtle Bay 85%-96%
    Wild Wheel 87%-98%
    Jackpot Vegas Hits 88%-90%
    UPDATED MAY 2011
    Dirty Dancing 89%-96%
    Hot Spin 88%-90%
    Price is Right Ultimate Show 86%-94%
    Cranky Condor 92%-99%
    Gazellions 89% fixed all machines
    Money Vault 85%-94%
    Attack/Revenge From Mars 86%-94%
    Cashman Fever 89%-95%
    Sex in the City Big Diamonds 88%-95%
    Star Trek- Battle Stations 86%-90%progressive, 86%-96% non-progressive
    Code Red 85%-96%
    Great Goldfish Giveaway 89%-95%
    Mummy Returns 89%-92% (Bonus Round Frequency is 1 in 62 for 3 symbol trigger and 1 in 7 for 2 symbol trigger)
    King of Dragons (Aruze) 92% fixed all machines.
    Best Fortune (Aruze) 92-99% (another high payout penny slot if you can find it!): 25 credit min base bet= 92%; + 5 high power ante= 95%; 50 credit base +10 high power credit ante= 96%; 75 credit base + 30 high power ante= 97%; 100 credit base + 40 credit high power ante= 97.7%; 125 credit base + 50 credit high power ante= 98.6%.
    Betty Boop Love Meter (Ballys) 88% all machines
    Chinese Phoenix (Aruze) 85-95%
    China Reels (Konami) 91% all machines
    Alice (WMS Version) 87-96%
    Captain Cut Throat 88-95%
    The Hangover 88%-99%
    Dive Quest 85-98%
    Updated August 2011
    Arctic Sun (Aruze) 87-92% (penny game)
    Mega Strike (Cadillac Jack) Class II 86-95%
    Mahjong Dynasty (Incredible Technologies) 85-98%
    Girls Day Out (Incredible Technologies) 85-98%
    Guys Night Out (Incredible Technologies) 85-98%
    Jewel Heist (Incredible Technologies) 85-98%
    Playboy Hot Zone (Bally) 88-94%
    September 2011 Update
    Batman: The Dark Night (IGT) 86-94%
    Emerald Falls (Bally) 85-96%
    Happy Slot (AC Coin) 90% fixed all machines
    Riches of the Heart (Konami) 89% fixed all machines
    Yahtzee (WMS) 86-96%
    Battleship (WMS) 86-90%
    Rise of the Incas (Aristocrat) 86-95%
    Golden Pharaoh (Bally) 86-88%
    Due to the repetitive nature of the basic programming options with payouts, this will be the final update as any pattern to payouts with this list is now fairly obvious. Future posts will be standalone threads highlighting a single machine that contains an unusual deviation from the norm (e.g. fixed payout games and higher then average paybacks will be posted in their own thread).
    Cascading Reels Invaders (WMS) 85-96%
    Fu Lu Shou (Aruze) 87-99%
    Godzilla on Monster Island (IGT) 88-94%
    Golden Pharaoh (Bally) 86-88%
    The Phantom (Aristocrat) 86-92%
    Batman- Back to Gothem (IGT) 86-94%
    New 98% Payback Machine Now Clearly Posted
    Well, I knew it would come time for the competition to start advertising their max paybacks right on the machines fronts. Aruze is going to try to capture this thought his new Cherry Chance Hot Seven Machine.
    Here is the picture of this new slot:

    King Kong (see photo for version) 94% fixed all machines

    Updated July 2012

    Bally's 1,000,000 Degrees Scatter Pays 86% payback fixed- all machines
    Progressive Resets (with max bet)
    Nine 1,000,000 Degrees symbols = $999,999
    Occurs every 16,000,144 plays on average
    Eight 1,000,000 Degrees symbols = $15,000
    Occurs every 246,156 plays on average
    Seven 1,000,000 Degrees symbols = $600
    Occurs every 11,189 plays on average
    Six 1,000,000 Degrees symbols = $150
    Occurs every 1,231 plays on average
    Five 1,000,000 Degrees symbols = $30
    Occurs every 241 plays on average
    • Free Games Bonus
    – Occurs every 142 plays on average.

    Cash Wizard Tiki Magic (Ballys) 85%-94%
    - Frequency of Bonus rounds= "Wizard Wild Two Reels" 1 in 50 spins
    "Tiki Magic Bonus" 1 in 60 spins

    Update April 2013:
    Hot Shot Progressive (New U-Spin Version with large double figure 8 top box bonus round).... Payback Range 85-96%. BONUS ROUND HIT FREQUENCY: is averaged at every 22 spins... You know when the machine says "HOT SHOT"

    Updated October 2013:
    For the Triple Diamond Slot Game:
    ODDS OF HITTING 15,000 coin top jackpot 1 in 864,000
    ODDS IF HITTING 4,000 coin top jackpot 1 in 93,312

    Updated November 2013:
    Back to the Future.... One of my favorite themed games...
    great graphics and story line sync'ed well from the movie (which you have to see to appreciate the theme!)
    Max Bet: 300
    Top Award: 30,000
    Hit Frequency: Approximately 39%
    Payback range 86%-93.5%

    Updated April 2014:
    Batman- Classic TV Show Version
    Played this game on demo mode and it does have great entertainment value. I feel these "wonder wheels" will prove popular and the dynamic and various bonus games will be nostalgic (and slightly corny) for those who really remember the original Batman TV series and the creative characters and villains.

    Highlight: Payback is fixed, all versions at 88.5%, typical for a mega progressive.

    Updated June 2014:

    Great Game theme for the 60's-80's generation
    Aristocrat Technologies, Five-reel, 40-line video slot
    Denomination: .01, .02, .05,Max Bet: 250
    Top Award: 1,000 times line bet Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
    Payback Range 86-96%

    Thanks to Random$$$ for these additions:
    Aristocrat - The Walking Dead = 88.5% -93.5% (unusually narrow range)
    Alto - Peacock and Dragon = 88% - 92.3% (unusually narrow range)
    GTECH - Bejeweled: 86.5% - 89% (unusually narrow range) Bally's Titanic - 85% to 88.5% (unusually tight)
    GTECH's Sphinx 3D - 86% to 92% (narrower range than average)
    Bally - Betty Boop's Firehouse 85% to 88.5% (Very tight)

    Updated August 2014: IGT Winners Choice Payback 92%-98%

    September 2014 Update: The show’s producers made all the survey information available to AGS game designers, so the questions in the game actually mimic the questions contestants receive on the show. 85-96% payback. Here is the photo of the new game: Enjoy

    Updated August 2015---
    IGT's WINNER'S CHOICE 2.... 92%-96% payback.
    Crazy Money II
    - Incredible Technologies. 90% - 96% payback, 50% frequency (Thanks to Randomslots$$$ ont his one)

    UPDATE: July 2016: Aruze Super Vault- Disclosed frequency of Bonus Wheel hit:
    1 every 64 spins, payback range 87-97%aruze super vault.jpg
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    I just had to move this thread over from the "old" site since I have put so much time and energy keeping this list that I wanted to make sure it is not lost forever if something happens to the other website.
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    Glad you were able to copy and paste this before the old forum crashes for good!

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    Thanks for keeping that list alive!

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    This thread is a great pull for new forum members since it pops up as a search icon when " slot machine payouts" is googled. Several members found this site with this exact search.

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    Thanks for bringing our historical data over to the new site. We appreciate it!

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    Slotspert, thank you! I was really hoping you'd port this thread over!

    twitter @b007s

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    Thanks for keeping this thread.
    I saw an article in our local gaming guide where they did an article about Buffalo. It said that Buffalo is available in just four different paybacks- 88%, 90%, 92% and 95%. (figured you can at least have an additional Aristocrat game on the list since they are hard to get payback info on)

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    Awesome list! I love playing at Barona where they have "Loose Troop Certified Loose Slots." The slots marked with the loose troop badge are guaranteed to be set at the manufacturer's highest payback percentage for that game.

    It's also important though to keep in mind, the payback percentage is OVER THE LONG TERM on average, and in the short term if you don't win then your payback percentage will be much lower. (And if you win really nicely of course, then your effective payback percent will be many times the long term average payback.)

    I have read several articles here and there that say something like this: "If a machine's payback percentage is 90%, then this means that if you put $100.00 in the machine and play for an hour, at the end of that hour on average you can expect to have 90 dollars left." Nothing could be farther from the truth!! Unless you're talking about "on average" from doing this hundreds of thousands of times!

    In reality, most of the time if you put $100. into a machine, you are NOT going to hit the top payout, or the second top payout, or the third top payout, etc., and all those big ones are calculated into the long term payback percentage. So on average, most of the time when you play a machine, in the short term your effective payback percentage is going to be much lower than the theoretical long term payback!

    And every once in a while, when your short term luck is good, you'll win and your payback percentage will be over 100% for that session. But on average, most of the time, it will be a loss, and your actual short term payback will be much less than the long term theoretical average payback percentage.

    I know most players here probably know this intuitively, but I think it's important to remember when looking at those numbers. Those average payback percentages include the biggest wins on the machine, which happen very infrequently, and so most short term sessions won't even come close to those payback numbers.

    Except when you get lucky. (And that's the fun part, and the thing that keeps us playing, even though we know what we know!)

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    I didn't realize these were over here. Thank you so much, Slotspert.
    I still think we need a stickie with links to all the "Bang for your Buck info"

    Benny..."I only play Slots when I am alone or with someone."


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