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Thread: Thanks, Choctaw

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    Thanks, Choctaw

    Because Skyelar Perkins comes on here occasionally, and he is the slots manager at Choctaw. I just wanted to publically thank-you for having the politest most helpful attendants. Mom wanted to go up and I was reluctant as she was pretty sick at the time of my last visit...but she insisted, so up we went. One of the attendants pulled a chair out for her, and helped her get her players club card in the .25 cent Lucky Ducky machine. One of the valet parking guys, helped her get in the car, made sure she was buckled in, and shut her door-we didn't even valet park, hubs was just picking us up. I do have to say, I don't think I'm going to have my Mom much longer, she slips more and more everyday. I was sitting next to her playing .25 cent Ruby and could see as she was playing she was confused by something...I said "you look confused Mom, what's the matter" She said, " I've had several ducks on the line, shouldn't I have a red screen by now?" BAWHA!!!!! Good old Mom, can't get anything by her!

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    Really nice how the employees there are so considerate and helpful toward your aging mother. I think that is just awesome customer service!
    Glad the two of you had a nice time and some more bonding.
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    Thanks, GG. She's 87 and I won't have her much longer, I feel it and she has said it. It really is the seemingly small things we do for each other. I appreciate you, you have a wonderful sense of humor and haven't lost any of your spirit of fun.

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    So nice of you to take your mom on a casino trip to have some fun. Hope my kids do that for me someday.

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    Hey, Meezers, WTG on taking her. Cherish every moment. I wish her the best.
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    Meezers... what a fun day you had with your Mom!! My Dad is 87..and he still likes to go to the casino. I also don't know how much longer I will have him. That is so nice of the staff to give your Mom extra special treatment at Choctaw.. I hope you have many more trips with your Mom!!!!

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    This warms my heart! You are a great daughter! I've always found the Choctaw employees to be kind and respectful as well.

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    Meezers, glad you were able to take your mom to the casino again, and that the employees were so kind there. Good customer service can take some of the sting of losing away.

    As others have said, you're a great daughter. Enjoy your time with your mom. Memories are precious and we don't regret time spent with someone, we regret the time we didn't spend.

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    Very nice to hear that the attendants at Choctaw are so thoughtful and caring.
    Meezers, time spent with your Mother, talking, laughing, doing things together, these will all be precious memories. I know you both appreciate the time together now also.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks Meezers! We always strive to provide the best experience for our guest. I will pass your (and Jenfol2000's) kind words on to my staff. I have been here 11 years and the average time for my 112 associates is 5 1/2 years with some having been here for 20+ years. We do care about the Casino and the guest that help make it a success.

    Glad you got to have another enjoyable trip with your mother.

    Good Luck!!!
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