Mozying over here from They don't have a separate manufacturer's forum for Multimedia Games there. Have just started playing these slots, as I've started to venture out from the WMS titles I usually focus on, looking for some games that won't kill my small bankrolls. I've tried Aristocrat and Konami games, but I just can't get into them. Love the Amazon Fishing game by Aruze, but the rest of their games are so-so.

So, I started playing these titles. They're not in the CET properties in Vegas I usually play at, but they're plentiful in the local NA Casinos in SoCal. The visual are great with very colorful graphics, decent music, and so far, volatility that lets me play longer than a few minutes and bonuses that actually trigger. From what I've read, the complaints are that they don't pay much, but its not like any game is paying me much lately anyways. So, we'll see how they do in the long run. Hopefully, I can hit something really good to share.

Here's some videos I took recently. Nothing earth-shattering, but I enjoyed them and more importantly, walked away from them UP.

Starry Night - This one I think came out recently. I like this game alot. VERY nice visuals IMO, using an old 1920s cinema style. The guy before me was winning alot (thought he'd never leave) and the bonus/features came up at least 10x in one hour for me. A sample of the Free Spins, Lucky Star picking bonus and Moonlight Wilds random feature:

Wild Butterfly - This one has potential I think. The butterflies can overlap to get the multiplier up to 8x. I'm going to give this more play and try to get that.

Wild a Go-Go - This is my mom playing. VERY low-roller. Only started with $5, and got this on the first spin (which she cashed out immediately). Carnival in Rio is exactly the same.

Halos and Horns - First time ever getting 5 symbols to trigger a bonus. The win is not as much as I'd like for the number of spins, but more to play with. Interestingly, up until then, I've never seen anyone get all 5 symbols to trigger and then I saw someone do it on this same machine the next day.

$SpinUp$ - Not the best bonus, as an earlier one that I didn't record was $251 on a $1.50 bet (max for this game). Fun nonetheless! I want to pop all the balloons and get through 4 calendar girls!