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    New Bourbon Square sparks casino a bust

    Yesterday a new casino opened in Sparks. All of us local residents got a $30 free play flyer in the mail for signing up with their players club. So LovesToSpin and I checked it out this morning. We had to wait in a rather long line to get our player card. What I found interesting was that we had all of these 'locals' getting their $30 in free play but the casino was quiet and not really that busy. (More people in line than playing)

    Well we soon found out why. LovesToSpin played $10 on three machines. Won almost nothing. In $30 of free play she ended up with about $5. Yikes!. I lost $10 in about 5 minutes. Not a good first impression.

    The casino is small. They have about 300 machines. They are across the street from the Nugget.

    The company that owns the casinos also owns some casinos out in the sticks. I'm thinking that they don't realize that Reno is a very competitive market because these machines were tight. We didn't see anyone winning. we spent more time in line for our card than we got on the machines.

    So Sparky gives this casino a big thumbs down!
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    when your whole world depends
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    Too bad!! Some good info though.

    Nice to meet both of you last weekend - and we really need to try that Rail City (is that what it is called) - saw they had a good looking $2.22 breakfast.

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    Well that is a bummer. They are gonna have to change things up a bit if they want to survive!
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    Yep, I was surprised. Why would you bring people in, offer them $30, and then have super tight slots? Does not make sense. But we saw NO ONE winning.

    Yes, it was great meeting you last week. Congrats on your big hits! That is so cool. And yes, Rail City has the 2.22 breakfast. 2 eggs, bacon/sausage, and pancakes.

    Western Village is the other Sparks casino that has even better odds. Next time you are in town we will have to give you a tour.
    But the game never ends
    when your whole world depends
    On the turn of a friendly card

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    Yeah, they really sound like they do not know what they are doing, especially considering how long we gambled for very little money on our tour of Western Village and Rail City. I think I prefer Western village though chiefly because of the comps with the Peppermill and the cigarette smoke in Rail City was a bit much for me. My steak and eggs for $6.99 at the WV were realllly good!

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