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    [QUOTE=goldengreeke;9398]Unlike the slots, the tables seem to
    draw a clientele of angry know-it-alls,
    hey gene i'm not angry i'm even tempered i'm pissed all the time. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldengreeke View Post
    Unlike the slots, the tables seem to draw a clientele of angry know-it-alls, who make it unpleasant for the rest of the players. I love going one on one against the dealer, I can play anyway I want to.
    I have encountered a few jerks and drunks at the tables, but that has been the exception, not the rule. Most table players are friendly and enjoy the game. I don't like playing at empty tables, especially craps tables. I also don't like players who tell people how to play their hands at blackjack. I won't do that, unless a players specifically asks "what should I do?" I agree with Pookky, table game players do not get the points they should.

    I do enjoy the interaction with other players, especially at the craps table. It's like being on a sports team, everyone is pulling for the shooter to roll the point and if he or she does, we all win together. I also like playing tables because the odds are better than slots and your money usually lasts longer. I love slots too, but table games are a good alternative if the slots are cold.

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    When I am taking a break from the slots, I try to see what is going on at the tables. I like the interaction with the other players, and gives me a chance to meet some interesting people from all walks of life. Sometimes even the dealer joins in on the conversation from time to time.

    Dislikes: Pit bosses are slow to make their rounds, copious amounts of booze for players, harder to earn a comp, and odds are becoming more in favor of the house. I never drink when I play the tables. Makes you make poor decisions.


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