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    Tampa Hard Rock Players Club Changes

    My local has changed their players' club and now there are only 2 levels, Platinum and Elite. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as based on the following from the website, the more you play the more offers you get.

    Wildcard Bounceback FAQ

    I didn’t get my normal newsletter booklet with all the coupons. Why?

    In June, the normal monthly newsletter booklet was replaced with our new Bounceback Program which is included within our recently re-launched Seminole Player's Life Magazine. The new magazine will be delivered once every two months and will include one starter offer for each month. For example, the June magazine contains the starter offers for both June and July.

    What is Bounceback?

    Our new Seminole Wild Card Bounceback Free Play Program starts you out with one offer each month and rewards you with new offers each time you play. So if you play 3x per month, you would receive 3 more offers. If you play 10x per month, you will receive 10 more offers. And so on… There are no blackout dates or times. The Bounceback offers can be used whenever you want!

    When will my next offer arrive? When can I use it?

    Your offer will be automatically loaded to your account 48 hours following your visit, and a notification will be sent to you in the mail, it generally takes about three days for the mail to get to you. Your new offer will be valid for a period of 14 days.

    Why am I (my friend/family member/spouse, etc.) not receiving the Bounceback offers in the mail?

    In general, players who earn about 600 points in a single visit will receive a Bounceback offer.

    Is there any limit to the number of extra offers I can receive in a month?

    Only the number of times you play! Play every day, and we’ll mail you an offer after each qualifying visit.

    I understand there are additional changes coming July 1st. What can you tell me about that?

    On July 1st, we will be introducing an All New Seminole Wild Card where players can get more, faster. Here are some of the exciting changes coming in July:

    Simpler Card Program:
    We’ve simplified your new card program. While some other casinos are adding level after level of complexity, we are making life a little simpler for you…with just two cards: Platinum—our entry level card; and Elite—the card with multiple benefits. On July 1st, all existing Gold card members will automatically be upgraded to Platinum status and our Platinum members can earn Elite status twice as fast!

    More Rewarding Offers:
    Your new offer program starts you out every month with a “starter Free Play offer” and the rest is up to you. We will send you individualized offers based on your play to arrive within a few days of your visit. Not more “One Size Fits All” coupon…this is truly personalized to your play pattern.
    Time to start planning the next trip.

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    My DH and I spent 2 nights (comped) at Hard Rock Hollywood in June. Just as it says in this release, a few days after we got home we each got 2 free play offers in the mail, one for each day we played. The amounts were less than the initial monthly starter amount. It seems like it will work better for people who live close. We live too far away to take advantage of the additional free play.

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    Agree with nextspin, it seems like the new program will work better for those who live closer. Hard Rock Tampa is my "local", a 2 1/2 hr drive for me so I only go about once a month with friends and family. I went this past week so it will be interesting to see what offers if any I get.

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    the 600 points is equal to $1,200 cash into the slots... in other words spedning $400 a week average. Some familes need $400 a week just for foods and gas

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    the proof is in the pudding with Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Casino: the slots have got to be a good another words a sporting chance of playing and getting ahead even if it means tug-of-war/back-n-forth lose and win...or breaking even... Since middle of this May it has gotten especially tighter than usual. Many have complained it is no longer fun and June was brutal in terms of drawings and things of that nature.. July looks much improved... but than again the proof is in the pudding

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    I've seen other casinos seem to go to tier based offers and it doesn't work out good for me due to being far away. Nothing makes me feel worse than the feeling of being married to a casino with regards to bounce back offers which have short expirations.
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    I'm confused, I played one night in May before all these changes. I got a FP offer valid 7/1-7/31. Will I get anymore offers if I don't play?

    (I'm asking because I'm a west coaster and it's quite a travel to get there)


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    Well, I don't know what you'll get, but I can tell you what we experienced. We spent one afternoon there at the end of April. I played tables a little, but mostly reel slots, ranging from quarters to $15/ spin (that was accidental, but it went on for a while before I realized it!). DH played the electronic craps games, with a little time on the tables.

    A few weeks after we got home, he received the magazine in the mail, then about 2 weeks later, I got the magazine addressed to me. I didn't really look to see if there was an offer, though, because I just thought it was a newsy type thing (one of our somewhat local NA casinos does that). He also got a postcard with a $20 FP offer good only on certain days. He tossed his card in the trash on the way out of the casino (he was ahead for a while, but ended up losing, so he blames the casino).

    Anyway, obviously he didn't use the FP, and we haven't received any other mailings from them. I got extra sign-up points for giving them my email, but I haven't received anything via that route, either.

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    Hmmm, I'm just wondering if my FP offer is a bounce back offer...or something else. It came with resort credit too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topdollarplayer View Post
    Hmmm, I'm just wondering if my FP offer is a bounce back offer...or something else. It came with resort credit too.
    The bounce back offers come on a postcard and have the specific date you played along with the amount of fp for your play on that date. Have to wonder how many people might not want that detail on a postcard.

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