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    IGT Video Reel Edge Themes

    Take control of the Game!

    Last year, IGT debut a new gaming concept that involved using a skill set. The games featured a Joystick that allowed you to take control and navigate thru the skill-based bonus.

    • Video Reel Edge is the only regulatory-approved, skill-based game in the market
    • To introduce this new concept, the games uses player-favorite Bettor Chance WaysŪ game play
    • The base game plays like a video slot, but when two or more bonus symbols appear, players can choose between a Free Games Bonus or a skill-based bonus
    • If players choose the Free Games Bonus, the number of initiating symbols determines how many initial free games are awarded. Two or more additional bonus symbols can trigger additional free games.
      -2 bonus symbols- 10 free games
      -3 bonus symbols- 15 free games
      -4 bonus symbols- 20 free games
    • Choosing the skill-based bonus allows players to take control the bat in Blood Life Legends™
      -Players navigate the bat through a subway while collecting coins and gems to earn credits. The number of treasure pieces collected determines the bonus win, and the number of initiating bonus symbols determines the value of each treasure piece.
      -Once players reach the end of their journey, they receive a treasure chest bonus. The value of the chest is random.

    Launching with Two Titles:

    Blood Life Legends
    Tullys Treasure Hunt

    Here is a demo video on what the Reel Edge looks like:


    Have you played this game yet?
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    I have, they have been at one of my local casinos for a couple of months. I like them, seem to give decent payouts in the base game to keep going. The skill bonus is tough, I learned to focus on the higher paying gems, mad by getting all of them the bonus can pay well. I guess though if I played enough it would get easier too.

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    seems to me like just another thing that can end up broken(joystick) I can see how it can be fun but maybe not for a caveman like myself.

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    All those years in the arcade are gonna pay off


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