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    a couple new games at Grand Casino Hinckley

    I was only here briefly but one of these games I had hoped would be coming to casinos soon, the other I never even expected it.

    The first one was of course: Pawn Stars. I was anticipating playing this but what a big letdown.
    You pick a pawn star and every time you get a line hit with that character pays 2x for that symbol.
    You can collect up to 5 items and each pays up to 50 times your total bet when you have 5 "item" symbols on a base game spin.
    I got the wheel bonus, which is the only way to trigger the bonus on reels 1 & 5 only. I never got to sell an item. I got the Chumlee Video bonus and Free Spins bonus. I was underwhelmed by the very low pays. It is only a 25 credit/line game and betting 50 cents starting I wasn't getting anything and reduced to minimum bet and got most of my hits or bonuses.

    The next game was actually the latest incarnation of Hot Shot Progressive machine. At this casino it replaced the Betty Boop Love Tester. A side note, they actually removed all of the Hot Shot Progressive Cash Wheel games prior to this one being installed and there was a brief period where they didn't have any Hot Shot Progressive games. Anyway, this version still has the progressive mini games of course. But...there are actually two wheels this time, similar to Vegas Hits (also by Bally). The top wheel has credit values, the bottom wheel has free games with multipliers (with up to 25 games and 4 times multiplier, might be wrong about that). I couldn't get the free games but did get a $20 win on min bet from the top wheel, I think this version does NOT have 1,000,000 credit award that was available in the previous version.

    I may play both games again but more the second game rather than the first one. Since Pawn Stars has a lower minimum bet I may try it again with a higher bet but I don't see this game capable of huge wins or handpays.

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    i know what u mean i could'nt wait for pawn stars and it suck's imo

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    I played this game recently on a 80c bet got the bonus & the wheel landed on Gold Bar bonus & it paid $120. I will play it for a little while until it stops giving line hits or bonuses.

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