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    A couple people have reported viruses after they used these links. It may or may not have been coincidental so please use with caution. Nothing that our member that posted this did, just somehow or another those links might have been infected. Read through the thread and you will see the reports. Again, please use with caution!

    Found these links with a lot of free chips. Some you may already have, but keep working through the list because there were many I didn't have.
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    Cool, can't wait to get home on my PC and try these! Thank you.

  3. #3 81k in chips from that list. You just need to click it once and you can close the window and go to the next link. Thanks again!!!

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    Forget it, it let me click from the phone, thanks I got quite a few 2,000s!

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    Thank you.

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    I got 113,000 chips!! Thanks MeMe, really appreciate you posting this!!

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    NICE list Meme! I'm going on a high roll MyVegas binge as I've been hoarding chips for a month. I heard the Mirage game is a Hoover, but will check it out! Thanks again!

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    I take that back, I LOVE The Mirage Game!

    That was on 15k a spin, multiple retriggers.

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    I leveled up twice, earned 3k LP, and am now 500k in chips richer! Secret Garden hooked me up and now I'm in the mood to swim with dolphins!

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    what the hell is this [excuse my French]?

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