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    Red face Abbreviation Key

    Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations on the forum.
    If one is missing, please post it in a reply and the list will be updated.

    AC = Atlantic City
    BJ = Blackjack (Card Game)
    BR = Bank Roll
    CET = Caesars Entertainment

    CW = Cocktail Waitress
    FP = Free Play
    G2E = Global Gaming Expo (Annual Gaming Expo)
    HET = Harrah’s Entertainment Inc (Casino Hotel)
    IGT = International Game Technology (Gaming Company)
    LAP = Local Area Progressive
    LV = Las Vegas
    M&G = Meet & Greet
    MLP = Multi Level Progressive
    NA = Native American Casinos
    RNG = Random Number Generator
    SD = Slot Director
    TITO = Ticket In, Ticket Out (Voucher)
    TR = Trip Report
    WAP = Wide Area Progressive
    WMS = Williams Manufacturing Company (Gaming Company)

    AO = American Original
    GF (1,2,3) = Goldfish 1,2,3
    JPS = Jackpot Party Station (Monopoly)
    LOL = Life of Luxury
    LOTR = Lord Of The Rings
    SATC = Sex And The City
    SR = Stinkin’ Rich
    TOT = Treasures of Troy
    TPIR = The Price is Right

    WO = Wild Orchid
    WOF = Wheel Of Fortune
    WOZ = Wizard Of OZ
    WW = Wicked Winnings
    WWII = Wicked Winnings 2
    WWIII = Wicked Winnings 3

    OBJ = Outback Jack
    TD = Top Dollar

    Betting Terms
    bb = Bonus Bet
    c = Cents (ex. .02c = 2 cents)
    cr = Credits
    denom = Denomination

    L = Lines (ex. 9L = Nine Lines)
    max = Maximum Bet

    Video Poker
    4OAK = Four Of A Kind
    DB = Double Bonus
    DDB = Double Double Bonus
    DW = Duces Wild
    JOB = Jacks Or Better
    VP = Video Poker

    Non-Casino Related Abbreviations:
    DD = Dear Daughter
    DH = Dear Husband
    DS = Dear Son
    DW = Dear Wife
    IMO = In My Opinion
    LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
    LOL = Laughing Out Loud
    ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing

    SO = Significant Other
    TMI - Too Much Information

    WTF = What The F#!@
    WTG = Way To Go

    And for the hard core texting:

    (Thanks MetalMark)
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    Is "MT" short for "empty"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Coaster View Post
    Is "MT" short for "empty"?
    Tis is my book.

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    hhh = hahaha.... Showing laughter instead of the overused LOL.


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