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Thread: Taking a break.

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    nhchris, I agree that changing it up can sometimes be the way to go. My wife and I have been taking a beating so far in 2013! So a couple weeks ago we decided to test going back to our original "low roller" days and betting $.50 up to $.90 or at most $1 and things have started to take a turn. We used to blow $800 or more each on a trip and now we take $300 only and play for literally 9 hours + during the trip and have a blast. Even came home with a few bucks which was nice--not to mention it's a lot less stressful when you aren't chasing so hard for a bonus to make up for the $200 you put in to get it. I think whenever you get in a funk, change it up for sure! Go to a new casino, take a break, change your bet, etc.

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    I havent even been to the casino this year due to the ass beating i took the 2nd half of last year and i live 5 mins away from a casino.


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