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    Borgata Mystical Fortunes Hit

    I arrived at Borgata on Thursday around 6. We were waiting until after 8 to eat because they were giving away $1500 every 15 minutes. We were close to the Amphora Lounge just before 8, so I decided to play Mystical Fortunes. It didn't take me long to hit a bonus, and this was this outcome, I was in shock! One line hit was around $800.

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    That's a nice one!! Congrats!!

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    Nice bonus/line hit, she's been very good lately it seems!

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    Nice hit. Congrats.
    Where are you Mrs. Gottrocks?

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    Congrats! That is the highest payout I have seen on that game.
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    Very nice, congrats

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    Paw Paw got a nice hit on this game too at Showboat and now you've shown us she pays well at Borgata too. I never played this game before but I better try it out soon!

    Congrats on a really nice hit! I will give this game a try on my next trip to the happy place.

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