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    I spotted a row of these machines at the Paris. I had never seen this game before. It's from the X-tra Rewards series. At any given time the screen on top, with the image of the dragon comes alive and turns into a second screen. (If that makes sense)
    Saw a lot of winners on these machines too.
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    Looks like a fun game, hope Borgata gets it.

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    I've played this a few times. The dragon came out frequently so it was alot of fun.

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    I have seen it but haven't played it. I'm sticking to reels but I'll tell my wife to give it a try.
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    at my local its .60 for 30 lines. No thank you.

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    Thanks, codycat! That's where I'm staying in April, so they will get a lot of play from me.

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    if those were wilds that's just over 100x for 4 full reels. I think il stay away from this

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    Wow....very nice hit there.
    I'm STILL going to get a handpay that doesn't involve a malfunctioning machine if it's the last thing I do. *LOL*

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    I just played this game for the first time at the local NA casino, Agua Caliente. I saw someone else playing it while I was playing another slot. I thought this looks interesting so I will give it a try later and I did. I only played for maybe 10 minutes but I managed to make some money on this slot. I'm likely to play it again in the future.

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    That looks pretty cool, I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.


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