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    Another Hit and Run Tax Free Win *Pictures* (03-27-2012)

    On slots of course

    Last night, my mom called and asked if I would be so kind to drop her off at the boat. I obliged because I recalled that in addition to my weekly $250 in FP at Ameristar, I also had a $75 extra bonus cash ticket and figured that I could kill 2 birds with one stone.

    With my $75, I stayed on the main floor, and gambled a max of $10 per machine. Half way through my money, I accrued a total of $8.10 (I know, so impressive ). Walking to the other side of the main floor, I spotted a bank of Jaws machines, sat down, inserted my ticket, and with my 4th spin in, I heard DING DING, DING DING because I had triggered the bonus. The man next to me looked at my machine and said, "I've been getting Mini all night!" I smiled and looked back at my machine, hoping to hit something above the Mini Progressive... LO AND BEHOLD!

    I hit the GRAND PROGRESSIVE for $1033.10. I let out a big "woo hoo!" and the same man gets up and in disbelief says, "You did NOT win the Grand Progressive!!" :P I sure did, buddy! We smiled, laughed, and high fived each other.

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    Now, 3 minutes prior I knew my momma was around but I couldn't see her, so I stopped a slot attendant to ask if she could watch my machine. I guess I caught the wrong one at the wrong time because with a lot of 'tude her response was, "No. You have to cash this out before I watch this..." My reply was a simple, "Wow." What was awesome though is that there was a crowd of about 20 people behind be (remember, I'm on the main floor as people walk in) who wanted to see what was up near my machine, and within that crowd an older lady approached me and asked my momma's name. She was so nice that she went and found my mom and told her her daughter needed to see her immediately :P

    As I waited for her to come over to my machine, I thought, let me take a picture! Um yeah as SOON as I took it, security was all over me like white on rice, YELLING for me to delete my picture!! All moxie-like, I deleted some bogus picture, which sent me to the next picture (non casino related), showed it to the security guard, and thankfully he went away.

    Mom shows up, we hive five each other and I cash out, giving mom a few lucky $100 bills

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    Feeling pretty good about my hit, I stop off at the newest version of "Black Knight" named "Knight's Keep" ... I load $10 in, doing $2 a pull, and the machine is on fire. Here's a picture of the best line hit I had last night on this particular machine:

    I eventually cashed out over $500. I decided then let's NOT press my luck any further, so I buy myself a celebratory Corona, and sit by my mom for a while as she plays for a while. End of the night, I'm up over $1500 in profit all from $75 FP.

    Truthfully, I felt pretty lucky going last night. I'm still feeling lucky and am looking forward to going on Thursday to gamble and enjoy my $150 birthday comp to Bugattis Steak House... steak and lobster here I come! And hopefully some more wins

    Thanks for reading.

    If you don't play, you can't win.

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    Originally Posted by Jackpot
    The smartest thing about you is deciding not to push your luck and to actually enjoy your winnings! I think that's what really separates the "winners" from the "losers" at the casino. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for the compliment. Honestly, sometimes I slip up, lo. The last time I went, after winning a nice piece of change, I gave half of it back! I was not happy about my poor choice but oh well, last night made up for it totally

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    Originally Posted by Meedis
    Omgosh way to go Veronica. It seems second nature now for the camera police to go after you. Too crazy.

    I think being on the main floor/main level, with all that foot traffic, I'm not really shocked about the camera police being in full force... What REALLY made me laugh was some of the crowd's responses when the security guard started yelling for me to delete my picture... I heard a lady say so eloquently, "He wants her to delete the picture?!?! That's bullsh*t!!" LOL My feelings exactly!

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    Originally Posted by cassie
    How sweet it is! congratulations......gotta love those non-W2 wins.

    Tell me about it! I swear, in the beginning of the year I said I hope I get at least one hand pay... After taking my mom to have her taxes done last week (she's a big gambler), with 90K in casino winnings from last year, I am NOT looking forward to getting my taxes done nor winning any hand pays this year I'm very happy with these types of wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldengreeke View Post
    What an awesome trip that turned out to be. WTG Veronica!

    Thanks Gene!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinslotaddicts View Post
    I would just like to have 20% of the luck you seem to have. Thanks for sharing your little adventure with us.


    Thank you, you're so kind

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyphinix View Post
    Congrats on those wins! That new Knight's game looks awesome, gonna have to give it a go in Vegas hopefully!

    Wish you lots of luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maylene View Post
    Congrats on the wins! Nice to see Knights Keep on the casino floor. I'm really anxious to play it, but none are in the sandiego area yet. How did the bonuses work out with the random wild reels? Also Is it really a minimum of $1 a spin? I thought all reel boost machines were 40c. strange. Was the pay table increased to make up for it?

    I honestly don't recall but I would think or hope so...


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