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    It's My Birthday And I'll Win If I Want To *PICTURES* (03-02-2012)

    I had a long ride yesterday from my vacation home (no vacation time, just had to stop by and check on things...) back into Chicago, so I decided what the hey let me stop over in IN since my FP kicked in + I had a little stash on me.

    Surprisingly it was very busy at Ameristar. Found this lonely Spin game, put in 1 $100 bill, and on my FIRST!!!! pull, I got this:

    Amazing and unsuspecting hit. The lady next to let out a loud "OMG WHY DIDN'T I SIT THERE" gasp. I attempted to sooth her angst and state that it all boils down to luck anyway, something that cannot be controlled.

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    I then cashed out and headed over to some very old Cashman games. Sitting between what I will find out later as a husband/wife time, I pop in my ticket and start gambling $2.50 a pull. Nothing exciting really happens until I drop my bet (SURPRISE!) down to $1.50 and I win on 3 lines -- $50, $50, and $100. So as I'm letting my credits roll so I can take a picture of this $200 win, the woman to my left leans over and states rather loudly at my machine with, "You're lucky because I just pumped $200 into that machine!!" My reply: "Ma'am, you see this $600 something right here? This is what has been lost by me in the past..." She doesn't reply but instead leans all the way back to scream at her husband, "YOU SEE, I TOLD YOU TO PLAY THAT MACHINE!!!!" Now I'm thinking, damn, let me take this picture and go to another slot before I do say something...! And what do you know, a slot attendant comes from behind to ask, "What's the problem?" Apparently this woman's loud talking could be heard far away... Jesus what's up with all these angry people today lol. Sadly no picture, oh well.

    Here are some other fun pictures from a couple other wins I had within the hour of being there:

    As I was leaving, with an extra $900+, I stopped by the Star Lounge and asked to speak to my Host. Had him book me a room for the weekend, with room and food comped.

    Gonna hang out with my sister, share my FP with her, hit the tables (she and I both love Black Jack) and have a ball Oh, and I'm feeling pretty lucky right now...

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    Originally Posted by Deb
    LOL I agree tombro!! What a great bday! Damn straight you will win if you want too! Excellent hits! Happy Birthday!

    LOL Hey Deb, that's pretty much what I was GONNA say to that lady before that SA approached, LOL!!!! "I'll win if I want to, Lady!! It's my birthday... " I could just imagine the look on her face if I did...

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    Originally Posted by Jackpot
    Okay...I need to know, what you drank, ate or conjured up to have this awesome winning streak your on! Happy B-Day for sure!

    I showed my dad pictures from this year and he asked the same thing

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    Originally Posted by stressrelief
    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful first spin. Too bad the H&W couldn't just be happy for your Cashman win. Yikes sandwiched in between people like that can't be fun.

    Thank you It wasn't. After my machine finished tallying up, I cashed out. Funny, she smiled at me, as I did her, as I was walking away...probably wanted my machine. Hoped she played it

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    Originally Posted by sotr1213
    Nice hit. I've thought about playing that spin game before, but I've never tried it.

    I know what you mean about Ameristar being crowded. It's crazy how busy it stays overnight on the weekends even at like 3 and 4 in the morning. When I'm in the Chicago area it's my favorite casino to go to, but the crowds are a big minus. (Usually lots of grumpy players and machine hogs, too).

    Thank you

    Funny you should say that...I'm hiding out in my Hotel room with my sis until the crowds settle down (hopefully!) a bit before we go play again... it just gets tough to play what I want to play when it's so busy.

    Lots of machine hogs today

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    Ok we took a little gamble and went back to the casino... got one lovely picture to post and now we're about to go catch some din din... Love you all!

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    Originally Posted by twinslotaddicts
    Where's the new pic DrV? Can't wait to see it, hope you're having a wonderful dinner.


    I sure did, tyvm Ang!

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    Can't see anything? You took the shortcut! LOL
    You have to hit the edit button and copy and paste :rolleyes:


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