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    Week 4 Summary and Project Wrap-up:

    Overall, the profit for Week 4 was over $1750. For the entire month of Jaunary, the profit calculated to a total of $6200, with the following breakdown:

    W1: $1650
    W2: $1400
    W3: $1400
    W4: $1750

    T = $6200

    While I did have fun taking the casino's money, it did feel, from time to time, like a job I now have my yearly assesment paid off, 1/4 of next year's assessment put aside, my phone bill paid a few months in advance, no CC bills left, and I still have quite a bit of money left, which found a happy home in my safe, lol.

    As far as frequency goes, I was going up to 4x a week. While I was winning, the majority of my winnings were derived from line hits. I know I saw people getting into bonuses, but most of those bonsuses were triggered with bets between .25 and .60.

    For February, as I expected, my offers dropped. I now have $150 to play every 3 days. With the other local casino, I have "redone" my schedule to include 2 visits a week. My weekly BR now, before the addition of my cash, among all local casinos, is now approximately $600. One month down, with 11 to go, no HPs. Truthfully, I don't know if I really want one because of taxes. I'm quite happy coming home with what I do come home with so I won't complain here

    I wish to take this time to thank everyone who was interested and took time to read about my project. I hope it was enjoyable for you

    Good luck to all in your future gambling endeavors!

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    Originally Posted by Kimsa70
    Great reports! Great project, too. Wish I had the discipline you do. I've had $11,500 W-2s in January, but my profit is probably a few thousand at most. You've inspired me to start an excel spreadsheet to track my FP. and BR! Keep up those wins and fun trips!

    That is exactly what I do. I've been keeping track of my wins via excel since I was 21 and its been fun. I'm a nerd

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    Thank you everyone Anyone know how to do multi quoting?

    Yes, my luck will "change" ... yesterday I only had one decent hit, lol. I have a picture, I'll post it in a little bit.

    And yes they've moved a whole bunch machines, and added a few new ones on MS2, main floor. Not too impressed...

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    Originally Posted by SlotNoodles
    Thanks for sharing your experiment with us over the last month. It's been really interesting following how it went Amazed at how well you did, I think I need to do more hitting and running

    Thank you! Funny you should say that... that's EXACTLY what I did today when I had a major big hit within 20 minutes of being at Ameristar today! Now I got MORE pictures to post.

    And this happened with my own cash, no FP

    I think I DO spend too much time at the boats...

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    Haha! It's not an issue of having or not having the funds to go, it's the time

    Thanks again for reading!!!!


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