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    Week 4 FP Experiment Results and Wrap-up (02-05-2012)

    Hello there and welcome to the final installment of "FP with DrV"

    I apologize in advance for the delay. Been busy with too many things on my plate but I've made sure to put in the most effort for this TR! Plenty of pictures and laughs for all!

    It's been quite an intriguing ride last month using up my FP as a BR. Let's roll right into the action, shall we?


    I stroll in with a different agenda this week as I plan on limiting my FP to $10-20 per machine. The first machine on my hit list is a well-hidden Miss Kitty. I've noticed that during the past week, this machine has paid me nicely. I add $20 off my card and begin to play between $1 to $1.50 a pull, finally triggering a bonus betting $1.50. I quickly earn a little over $140 in the bonus, almost 100x my bet. I do a few more spins to finish up my FP and cash out that TITO for approximately $190.

    I stuff that TITO into my pocket and head downstairs to a row of Major/Minor Progressive machines. I notice that one machine has a Major Progressive at approximately $453 (due to hit no higher than $500) so I decide to sit down and load $10 of my FP in. What do you know, 4 spins in and I get this little line hit for $30.

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    I decide to throw another $10 of FP in and boy am I glad I did Six spins in and I trigger the bonus that brings my total up to over $230. While the bonus is working its magic on my credits, I overhear a man and a woman, who are standing directly behind me, talk to one another about my machine, and the convo goes like this:

    Man: You see that sh*t?!
    Woman: Yeah that's some bullsh*t! I JUST got off that machine!
    Man: Yeah I've been playing that machine all week! How much were you playing girl?
    Woman: 10 cent a spin!

    Yeah. BIG ROLL EYES was my response, lol! After my bonus ends, it's picture time. As I lean in to take a picture with one hand, my other hand - on the machine - accidentally hits the spin button and I trigger the bonus again! This time the bonus only pays me $43, which brings my total to over $280 on that machine. I eventually cash out that TITO for $275.

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    After stuffing that TITO into my pocket, I walk around and find a nice, pretty (and Spanish free!) row of glowing WMS machines and sit down at the first one to load in $10 in FP dollars. When I reach the third machine, I am delighted because it's a Jade Monkey machine, a personal old favorite of mine. I load $10 FP in and on my first spin I trigger the bonus! While it's a little win, I'm delighted that it happened on the very first spin I cash out that TITO for approximately $40.

    After going through that entire row of WMS machines (I counted 12), my TITOs add up to approximately $100 from all the line hits combined. With my last $20 FP, I sit at an older Aristocrat machine and load in all my TITOs from the day, then the last of my FP. 4 spins in and I trigger the bonus for a measly $17 but hell I am happy as a clam because I know I'll be going home with over $620 in profit to my name, woo!

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    Like Mr. Rogers used to say, it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be mine, oh sweet TITOs? I'm in a great mood, but it's cold out, and I'm hungry. I decide WTH, I'll stop by Micky D's and pick up a Sausage McMuffin aka The Budget McMuffin.

    LOL!!!!!! Damn that does not look good the NEXT day!

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    Upon entering the casino, I decide to change my plans (once again) and head over to a room full of older machines. I make sure to limit my FP to $10 a machine, roughly $1 a pull (.90 cents up to $1.20). Most were a hit or miss. The hits I had were actually very nice line hits (I won't lie, I LOVE bonuses), like this one for over $200:

    As my appointment with the boat winds down, I note that I had more line hits today than usual, with very few bonuses scattered here and there. This week though, I make sure to take photos of some of my smaller line hits and bonuses, including those with higher bets:

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    Here are more of my hits for the night:

    Tonight turns out to be a very productive night with a profit of around $770!

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    Tonight I decide to redeem my steakhouse offer and treat my dad. We order Kobe beef and a crab cake as appetizers.

    Crab cake, yum! (LOVE remoulade sauce!)

    Next up is a lobster bisque, served with a side of whipped sherry:

    And of course, my ultimate favorite, LOBESTER! Yum!

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    After a wonderful dinner, we head to the casino floor and split up. I try different machines here and there, again only having a few nice line hits in my favor. Finally, at a Gems machine, I trigger the bonus playing $1.20 a pull and receive this as a nice reward (almost 100x my bet):

    Nothing more to report via pictures, but my take home profit was approximately $250. Money and food, FTW!

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    I wake up and have this strange urge to go to the casino. I know I'm not "supposed" to as I'm currently in "project mode" but I can't shake this desire to go! So, I head out with $500 of my own. On my way to the boat, I stop at a gas station and buy a scratch off. On a $20 Merry Millions scratch off, I got a Tree. That means you take your prize and X by 5. In my case, it's $10 x 5, so I won $50.

    I head back into the store, buy another Merry Millions ticket and stuff the $30 profit (lol) in my pocket. Back in the car, I scratch the new ticket and win $20. I save it in my visor with plans to pick up another Merry Millions later in the week...

    I arrive at the boat and make my way to the quarter/dollar room. After going up and down and up and down for over 5 (!!!) hours, I'm down to my last $25 when I decide to sit down at a triple fire 7s machine, denomination .50. Playing 3 credits a pull ($1.50), I hit back to back to back red 7s!!! By then I am laughing so loud, a woman next to me turns to face my machine and gives me a high five, lol. I then hit a mix of 7s, and the machine's readout box states I now have $516. I take a big breath and...CASH OUT!

    Side note: This night, I earned almost 800 points. Last November, in one night, I earned 1400 points, which triggered the next two months FP offers.

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    But before I go, I stop off at the Access Lounge for Prime Rib:

    I leave for home with an extra $16 from the boat, and $30 from a scratch off. What a day


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