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    Week 3 FP Experiment Results (01-23-2012)

    Hello and welcome to another week of "FP with DrV" This short issue is dedicated to my sister, those classy dressed suits, and one-day snowstorms. I've also added photos not related to gambling since we celebrated my sister's birthday this week at the boat. Hope you enjoy

    As previously mentioned in a couple of other threads, I planned on using my FP this week in the high limit slots room. Fortunately and unfortunately, I hit $500 on one of those slots but forgot my phone in the car Still a nice hit otherwise. Because of the lack of an actual high limit room (and thus slots), I decided to use the remainder of my FP freely throughout the casinos on multi demon machines.

    A couple of days later we checked into Ameristar to celebrate my sister turning the big 2-1. 2 rooms, 4 nights each, all comped. Also had all our meals comped as well for the duration of our little getaway. I entered one of the rooms and snap a few pictures of the newly decorated room:

    I also snapped a picture of my gift bag for my sis. It contained lots of candy and an extra special envelope full of lucky cash for her first time gambling

    More to follow...

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    I quickly make my way to the boat. Within 5 minutes of playing a WW2 machine, I triggered the bonus for 15 games. Within the bonus, I retriggered another 3 times, giving me a total of 60 free spins. 60 free spins, playing $1 a pull, and I won $30 Boy I hoped the remaining week doesn't pan out this way! I hopped around, playing a lot of different machines with different denoms. From penny to quarters, no bonuses just line hits. After a while, I figured that I should start taking a couple of pictures to show some of the line hits I was getting and you've guessed it ...

    Sitting in front of a Miss Kitty where I got a close cover all playing $1.50 a pull, my credits rolled up over $250. I pulled out my camera and what do you know a suit stood over me and DEMANDED that I put away my cell phone or I would be in "serious trouble." I smiled, cash out, go to the ladies' meeting room and take this picture:

    As I watched the news in my room about the upcoming snowstorm, I decided that it was probably best for me to head back to the boat before I was snowed in. Upon entering the casino, I noticed that the line for the current month's promotion was very short, so I figured that it would be worth it to stand in line to battle a live chicken in tic tac toe. Yes, a live chicken "plays" against you in tic tac toe. If the chicken happens to lay an egg, the first 10 people receive $10 in free promo. To my delight, not only did a chicken lay an egg but I was also able to beat this chicken in tic tac toe, walking away with an extra $35 added to my account along with a button and a stuffed chick, lol:

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    With all my FP, I again hit machine after machine, triggering bonuses left and right but they did not pay anything signficant for me to want to attempt to take a photo. I finally did hit a decent win on a PANDA machine and quickly snapped a photo of it:

    As I lowered my phone back into my purse, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it's another suit asking me to not take any pictures inside the casino. I smiled and said "okie dokie" while closing up my purse. By then, I had enough. I played the rest of my FP and headed back to my hotel.

    I spent the rest of my time coaching my little sister and watching my family play and enjoy the games they like to play. We enjoyed not only gaming but dining as well. Even the snowstorm was fun to watch!

    Week 3 Summary:

    I spent a lot of my time reflecting as to why I stopped playing at Majestic a year ago, and I believe I figured it all out. It's because of the crappy bonuses!! I can't even begin to count how many crappy bonuses I had, but it was definitely enough to help me remember as to why I stopped gambling at this casino a long, long time ago. I also chatted with other players and they too felt the bonuses don't pay well. I'm also growing more and more frustrated with being approached as I make attempts to take a few photos here and there of my own wins!

    With the nice hit in the high limit slots area, my overall profit for the week was approximately another $1400. The money, in short, came from mainly from line hits. I should make it clear that I am not complaining. I merely wish to point out my frustration that I cannot get into a good paying bonus! lol

    And as for my sister, she broke even during her first gambling adventure

    Thank you for reading!

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    Oh and for the food pr0n lovers I took a picture of my dinner Friday night

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    Yup, you rocked on that January outing!

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    Originally Posted by Traber
    Those are some nice wins and great results so far. But you say you now know why you stopped going to that casino because of the lousy paying bonuses so how is it that you have so much freeplay. The amounts they are giving you this month are truly amazing. Maybe you said it in another report and I missed it. One things for certain Im sure if you're just milking up the free play offers they won't be sending you anymore unless you start playing with your own money again.

    Hi Traber,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my thread Yes, I've stopped going to this casino for about a year until last November where I stopped by and lost approximately $1,000 of my own money. For December and this month, January, that casino has given me $250 in FP every two days. This month I decided to strictly play with their money, hence this month long experiment.

    To be quite frank, I am very shocked that they offered the same FP this month as they did last month considering the fact that I really didn't play a lot of my own money in December. They also sent me an extra $1200 for strictly weekend use this month. My gut is telling me that for next month they will most definitely lower my FP offers, and that's ok This is not one of my most favorite casinos to begin with, but I would never pass up this much FP anyway. Starting next month, if I continue to receive at least decent FP from this casino, I'll be mixing in my money as well.

    In other news, I also decided to break up my FP and not double dip this week. Boy am I glad I did today!!!! Even more awesome is that I was able to snap 5 pictures and no one harassed me. One guard approached me to ask when was I making him dinner (he's an old friend) and that was pretty much all the interaction I had today with any anti-picture taking slots personnel Today was a great day!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldengreeke View Post
    Yup, you rocked on that January outing!
    I know!!!! I'm drooling over my posts now just thinking... I'm hoping I get some good FP offers this upcoming month because I FINALLY went back to Majestic and dropped some serious dough. We shall see

    Thanks Gene

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    Originally Posted by slotbaby
    Glad you and your family enjoyed your weekend. So which would you rather be, snowed into the Casino or the Hotel?

    HOTEL! Otherwise I'd lose all my money!

    Originally Posted by twinslotaddicts
    That is great!! Thanks for the great report once again and I sure hope it continues. Are you saving all the money from your experiment together and plan on buying something really cool with it? So far you have like 4 grand maybe? Are you planning on Vegas in April for the 2nd Annual M&G? It's going to be lots and lots of fun.


    Hi Ang

    Any money I've ever made from gambling I save separately and use for little "projects." For the first project, I plan on paying off my assessment on a vacation property I own. The second project is to pay off my car insurance bill for the year. And I'm highly considering paying 12 months in advance for my phone bill LOL (I hate bills!!)

    Whatever I don't use up goes into one of my bank accounts aka "under the mattress"

    The coolest items I have purchased (so far) with casino winnings have been my little vacation home and land, and a Mikimoto akoya pearl necklace Other than those things, I pay some bills here and there with winnings, and I save the rest.

    Truthfully I've been considering that M+G, I may have to switch up my timing to Vegas though because my birthday is in March and I already had been making plans to go to Vegas for my bday since last year before I knew about this board's M+G. Are you going?

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    Originally Posted by derek33
    I need to go to this casino....I drop between $1500 and $2000 and am lucky to get $100 in of course some offers overlap and I can get up to $200 if I am lucky with the dates overlapping....

    Let's all have a M+G at Majestic

    Originally Posted by derek33
    Might have to do that....originally from Indiana and I plan to head up north this summer to visit some friends...

    We should throw this idea around Meedis and the Ponzzz

    Originally Posted by DrVeronica
    Thanks Meedis.

    You know, even writing this up brought back the anger and frustration I felt when the suits approached. It's like, I need to style my hair differently, maybe color it, so I "appear" as someone else and maybe they'll let up. It's like I'm marked... LOL!

    "Appear" as someone else? Who are you? LOL

    (LOL! Deb this comment made me lol just now after almost a year )

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    Originally Posted by goldengreeke
    Very glad you and little sis had a great time in Chicago. Being a smoker I quit playing in the Chicago land casinos when they banned smoking a few years ago and now do my local playing at the Isle in Bettendorf, Iowa. Thanks for sharing your report and pictures with us.

    You are most welcomed, Gene


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