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    Week 1 FP Experiment Results (01-08-2012)

    As mentioned previously, I decided to conduct a little experiment by using my FP as my BR to see what I can make of it. Because of the frequency of my slot play, I have decided to write up a weekly TR. I will try my best to keep it flowing as smooth as possible since I make my visits throughout the week.

    Hope you enjoy

    The journey begins...

    I make my way to Rock Around the Clock as I walk in because I notice that the hands of time are very close to Bonus time (no, I am *not* a vulture but I refuse to let any kind of oppurtunity just walk on by...Wow, isn't that a song by Dionne Warwick? lol) As I'm sitting there loading $20 of FP in, this man taps me on my shoulder and before I could get a word in (like, "Security!") he begins to complain how another player stole his machine and won, that his woman is cheating on him, how he's out of cigarettes (I don't smoke), blah blah blah. He then sits down, pulls out a cigarette (wow!), and falls asleep on the chair adjacent to me in front of the next Rock Around the Clock slot. Thankfully, I enter the bonus and win a whopping $12.60. I then make a bee line to a carousel of Phantom machines and while sitting there, I hear security yelling at him to wake up and move...

    I load about $40 into the Phantom machine and just like a phantom my FP disappears. My TITO cashes out around $8...I decide to go upstairs and mess around with a Dream Time machine. I load $20 in, get a few hits here and there, finally triggering a bonus. As you can see from the picture, it wasn't worth writing home about!

    After that disappointing bonus, I head back downstairs and approach a Mustang slot. With the first $20, I hit back to back $50 hits. Cashed out, loaded another $20 of FP. In the 10 pulls, $2 a piece, I got 3, $46-48 dollar hits. No bonus still but my profit is adding up. Cashed out that TITO for approximately $98. Took no pictures as there was no bonus...

    I hop around playing many slots, $20-30 a piece, but no bonuses. I managed decent line hits here and there on Pompeii, Queen of the Wild, Zeus II, China Moon, and MaCaw. Zero luck on WWII and Wizard of Oz (I *never* hit anything on those two, ever!) Approximately $200 profit...

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    After feeding a Quick Hits machine a lot of my FP, I head to another floor and find a nickels Geisha. I feed $20, do 10 pulls at $2 a pop (40 nickels) and I'm up to over 3,000 nickels. I then feed in aother $60 in FP, and within 5 minutes I'm up to over 6,000 nickels. Pop in another $60, I not only trigger the bonus, but retrigger it with 4 gates. Bonus ends with me winning 3440 nickels. Now, while this is all going on, a little crowd builds, so I decide then that I better take a picture before any Security/Slot attendants start showing their faces.

    I play until I reach a little over 14,000 nickels and cash out my TITO. I'm now up over $700. My instints tell me to go back to that Mustang slot...Pop in $20, do $2 a pull, win $45.

    I finish my $20 and spot a Jungle Wild II machine. Put my TITO in, load $30, and eventually trigger the bonus, which I won $41 betting $1.50 a pull.

    Cashed out that TITO and decided to cash out! ...

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    Another day, another FP dollar! Been hopping around all day, different day same results -- good payouts on line hits but boy, those bonuses pay crap!!! Manage to score about a net profit of $300. I decide to play some the last few bucks of FP on a Roman's slot. Load up $15, a few spins in I trigger and win about $40. This seriously is the best bonus of the day so far...

    More to follow...

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    With a different TITO, along with $20, I play Tiger Treasures and trigger the bonus. I pick the 15 game feature (always stuck on that 15 game feature, lol) and win the following:

    Feeling curious, I spot a Lucky 88's machine and pop in my TITO along with $10 in promo. I decide to low roll it this time around Trigger the bonus, chose 15 games with the 8x or 88x multiplyer and win the following:

    Summary: Overall profit for Week 1 is approximately $1650 and a few quarters. With the exception of the Geisha bonus, the majority of my money won occurred on line hits, with bonuses typically showing a poor payout.

    Here's to next week!

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    Thank you everyone It was a lot of fun this week, I am really looking forward to this upcoming Tuesday to start the next round

    Originally Posted by cassie
    Wonderful! How much FP did you start with for the week? $1650 + a few quarters is a darn good profit!

    Between Majestic and Ameristar...... (grabs calculator)....... $980

    Originally Posted by The Ponzzz
    Wow, nice work on FP. I need to take lessons from you on how to get good FP from these places! I don't get much of anything from Majestic or Ameristar. And Four Winds just sends me promotional items instead of FP! Regardless, awesome pics. There are so many of us in this area, we should all meet up once or something.

    What did the trick was staying away from Majestic for about a year, then visiting and dropping money... the next 2 months so far have been nice to me... As for Ameristar, I've been getting the same amount of FP for about 5 years now, no change... doesn't go up nor down, and I go with the same frequency. Weird I guess?

    Yes as long as we don't meet up in say, Harrah's Joliet (have the worst luck there!!!! )

    Originally Posted by MizSlotQueen
    I notice you made a remark about not being "a vulture," but heck, what is there to apologize for? Those games are designed so that we are attracted to the about-to-bonus feature. If you can jump on a machine and catch a bonus that way, GREAT!

    There's another thread on this forum regarding "vultures," hence my comment in my own thread. Just bringing some more humor into this world


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