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    NYphinix's Live Vegas TR 4/11-4/17/12

    **This is from this past April...could only get my posts!

    Okay folks...follow me and the Mrs. on our journey to Sin City...we will be leaving for the airport in Newark around 8AM EST to catch our 12PM flight with Southwest Airlines and then a connecting flight in Denver onto Las Vegas with arrival at 4:10PM PST barring any delays as there is rain in the forecast (30%), hopefully after we takeoff!

    My plan is to post on here every hour on the hour while I am awake of course! LOL If something interesting happens, I will post it ASAP. Any event videos will go on the SMF Meet & Greet youtube page:

    My slot videos of course will go on my regular page:

    And I'll be breaking in my twitter account:!/ny_phinix

    Will post pictures on it whenever I can remember to do so...please bear with me, I'll be multi-tasking! LOL Otherwise I will load them on my photobucket account and then onto this thread

    You'll probably have to check for the videos in the AM on the East Coast as I probably won't be loading them till the wee hours of the night/morning!

    Well, that's it for now...wife is fast asleep and I'm here posting still! LOL
    Gonna try to sleep after the basketball game :rolleyes:

    Wang Tot Tot to the East Coast FAM regulars...Ken, Lynda, Amy, Steph, Dina, Tom & Ray
    Time to meet up with the West Coast FAM

    T minus 12 hours and 35 minutes to takeoff!

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    Using strictly my phone now till we get on that plane!
    Bags are ready!!

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    Troopers r out!

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    Wow that was a record for me getting to the for an hour and a half before boarding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChellesBelles View Post
    This is turning into a slo-mo CPT TR! lol So do you have pics of kitties or doggies to show us too? ;) (I must confess that one of my favorite parts of Ken's TR's are the kitty pics!)

    Sorry no much as I want a dog again, with all this traveling Im doing, I don't wanna burden someone with watching it

    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddy View Post
    Be careful of those troopers, I swear only in New York State are they the worst... Cash starved money hungry greedy bastards, the state that is, haha... Good Luck Rob, & Hit Them Big & Hit Them Hard!!!...

    It must be their time of the month, got quotas to meet!

    Quote Originally Posted by DrVeronica View Post
    Do the speed limit and wear your belt and you should be fine :rolleyes: good luck rob + wife

    Okay, I did one of the two...let u guess which one lol

    Quote Originally Posted by weezie View Post
    Wang Tot Tot Rob...goooooo get em! East Coast Represent!!
    WTT Sista Steph! You know how we East Coasters handle our bizness!

    Quote Originally Posted by CennPennTraveler View Post
    Let's the TSA groping commence! I hope you don't get the special treatment!

    "You want me to drop what?!"

    Quote Originally Posted by SlotNoodles View Post
    Please tell me you're not driving and posting at the same time!!!! That wouldn't be 'safe' travels!!!

    Okay SN...I won't tell you should've seen Tammy's face everytime I took a picture! LOL

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    Got through TSA in like 6 minutes!!

    Thanks for the well wishes SN...good nite!

    Plane number 1 to Denver

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    Making sure my luggage gets on the same plane as me!

    One if the reasons we got TEAL luggage so it sticks out from the others!
    Quote Originally Posted by CennPennTraveler View Post
    Let us know when you get to Denver, bound to get WiFi plane maybe!

    It was stated that there was so l'll switch over to the laptop

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    Touchdown in Denver! Next flight in 45 minutes

    Damn flight to SF is preventing us from taxiing for 20 minutes!! Stuck in the runway...It better not make me miss my connecting flight!

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    Nice refresher here I thought there was going to be a section dedicated to old TRs though?


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