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    i broke the video poker machine LOL

    was at Ballys this weekend playing a .50 cent ten hand ultimate X machine and it was on fire, put a $100 in and very quickly was up to $900.00, I was dealt a pair of 7's and on the fifth hand hit four 7's and the machine went dark, called over a slot attendant, she opened up the machine and could not get it back on, two slot techs came over and could not fix the machine, they opened the adjoining machine, went through every part, brought new parts over and could not get the machine on, it was dead with no way of verifying my credits or that I just hit four of a kind, finally a supervisor came over, I told her what happened, she took my word that had $900 and hit four of a kind and gave e a voucher for 1025. I shouldn't have been so honest, LOL, this machine was hot, not being a conspiracy theorist I am wondering if it wasn't gearing up for a huge jackpot and shut off itself off. Even when I win I lose. LOL

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    Wow...never heard of them nor being able to get it back on! Glad you got paid though.

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    A couple months ago I was playing a Wonder 4 Lepracoins machine and I got to spin the wheel. It landed on the major for $3500. Right after it hit the power went out in the whole casino. The power was only off a few seconds and when it came back on I took a picture of my win just in case the power went out again. I did not want to take any chance if the power went out again. I finished playing the free plays and the power went out again. Luckily it only stayed off a few seconds again. They paid me my jackpot and I went home a very happy camper.


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