You asked me what my favorite Pick 3 number was? I said 333 and it still is my favorite but now 262 and 662 is becoming a favorite too. The other night 262 came up. I did not get it but the next night I played 262 and 662. 662 came up and I had it in a box. It paid me $160. I played 333, 262, and 662 tonight and 262 came up again in that order. I had it in a straight for $500 and a box for $160.
I play a free online sweepstakes called Prizesnow. When you play you get tokens to use to enter free giveaways. I got 625 tokens. I played 625 in a straight and box. 625 is pretty close to what came up. I am a very happy camper tonight. Good luck everyone.