What games are you playing Wendy? Still American Original? I hate how a lot of games have high minimum bets these days! If you can try to find a game you can change the lines to .20 cents a spin! When I'm not doing well i do it sometimes to help build up more money before i switch to 40 cents! Best of luck and please let Rich99 and I know if you are in Boston again! We would love to show you a good time at Twin River casino!!!
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OK..... I have been on a losing streak for WAAAAAAY too long. Both in Canada and in the States. I have also taken a break and haven't been to the casino in a while. Tomorrow I am going for a much needed break with my friend across the border. The plan is to go to this great place on the marina for lunch and then to the casino. The thing I hate about the States is that I lose just walking in the door. Gonna take $100 with me which only gets me $74USD. I'm really thinking that if I don't get any play time and it's gobbled up really fast, I may be done with slots..... Please send good luck my way! And good luck to all of you my friends!