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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuda View Post
    Thanks. If the offer from Winstar was broken up I would probably not go but since I can use the $500 all at once I figure why not go and have fun.
    I wish you could use your $1400 all at once that would be so cool.
    I hope the next time you go somewhere you win big.
    Good luck.
    I forgot about this thread and havenít checked it in months..
    So happy to read you are still in the non smoking camp CmanÖ keep up the good work.. I quit in 1993 and it is still something I think about every now and then.. just take it day by day..
    And congrats on your working three jobs and paying bills.. the world needs more of you!

    My local is down to lil red, bierhaus, mystical unicorn and queen of the wild.. I like bierhaus but the sound is forever broken.. mystical unicorn hates me soÖ. NO! Lil red no.. queen of the wild is great but Iím positive they lowered the payout as Iíve played it so many times over the years, I noticed certain things not coming up anymore to make a good hit..

    Good luck to you in the future trips to the casino!🍀

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    Quote Originally Posted by cman420 View Post
    Thanks Kuda! Sounds like a great offer for Winstar wish I could play there and play the WMS games they have! I get a flyer in the mail that says $1400 free play but itís all split up throughout the month randomly. One day I get $200 another day $75 + mystery play etc but i sure wish I could use more than $200 in one shot. I went to school to work in media but itís very competitive so I work at a college filming classes, do freelance jobs, and also work in customer service someplace else. Sure hope the college makes me full time or another full time job comes through. Iíll be 30 next year so Iíd like to be more certain. My parents want me to get my masters or do something else and they arenít very happy with me but I do the best I can and pay all my bills. Saved a lot of money by quitting smoking too but I still miss it very much. Glad the casino is still non smoking at the moment.
    Sad it was easy for grandma to quit smoking because of her dementia she forgot she smoked when my family took her cigarettes away. Wish I could still go play with her those were good times. Stay safe and best of luck my friend!
    Keep your head up young man. You're making an honest living and working for what you want and need. More people need that work ethic. I hope something full time comes through for you soon.


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