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Way to go, partner. Doing great on your wins and your video presentations. Keep up the good work, Ashy said to say hello to the Wizard for her...
Thanks my friend! Say hi to Ashy too! I hope she plays responsibly when she grows up lol! I need to work on my thumbnail pictures a bit for my videos! Some of them have worked well and gotten me a decent amount of views but I suppose it's hard thinking of new ideas all the time when I keep getting the same exact wins hahaha. A lot of people click baiting on the internet too pisses me off. People will show a full screen as the picture and then you click it and nothing even close to that even happens! If i say full screen i mean it! lol. Best of luck my friend have a great day you and all the family! I will keep playing my favorites but I am really hoping for another dream konami trigger or huge hit on wicked winnings 3!