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    Walking Dead 2 - the Sequel, 2 weeks later on same machine

    Back at Borgata since DW wanted the free skillet and figured we'd play for a short while. Couldn't get on one of main machines and found myself near the same Walking Dead - 2 machine I hit a couple of weeks ago. Looked at it and figured I could kill some time while my main machine opened up nearby never guessing it would have another significant hit in it.

    Used my $60 of FP and registered it in the machine and start playing at $1.50 per spin since that was the magic bet a couple of weeks ago. 4 spins in, the free spin symbols come in columns 1 & 3. I'm hoping for the 3rd free games symbol since I've never had a Jackpot Bonus guessing I was immune to it. Get depressed when the free games symbols rolls by on column 5 but am stunned when the Jackpot Bonus symbol barely sneaks into the 5th column. I'm not even sure it counted where it was but the machine starts going through the Pick bonus gyration I've seen so many others get.

    Start picking and here's the sequence (and I'm a firm believer that this bonus is pre-selected for you). Grand, Major X3, Grand X3, Major. At this point I'm actually getting a hint of optimism. Next picks are Mini x10 and Mini. So, I figure, worst case is I will get at least $195. Next 3 picks are Minor, Minor and Minor for what turned out to be $37. Seriously, that sequence shouldn't be allowed due to cruelty and proceed to the pick free games portion. Pick an X2, then 12 games for 24 free games. 2 of the first 3 spins are retriggers for 44 games. 2 early retriggers can sometimes lead to something positive.

    Get about a $5 and $10 hit added to the $4 retrigger hit in the first six spins when Spin-7 goes off. It starts with reel growth to about 200 lines and a wild horde. Start with a full wild reel #1. A ton of purple Carol's come out in reels 2, 3 and 4 and the machine goes through its' dramatic 5th reel delay. Sad when the x10 and x4 go by and see a few other random symbols go by when the X25 symbol fills the 5th reel. Look up and see the total win accumulating start at over $200 and after a while it stops at over $1500. A few other wins in the remaining spins and wind up with a $1674 hit. Smiles around and had them take out the taxes this time.

    DW calls me and says the machine I hit a couple of weeks ago is making a lot of noise and I say, yeah, I know, I'm sitting in front of it .

    Borgata 081619.jpg


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    You’ve definitely found your game. And, a free skillet!

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    WTG Randy!! That is so Awesome!! .
    Congratulations!! ..
    Here with You! since 9/29/09

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    Wow, what a great hit. I am not crazy when it comes to having to pick for a jackpot. The machine usually gives me the mini. Luckily I have picked the major a couple times but for the most part I get the mini.
    Friday I had a strange thing happen on one of my new favorite machines called Fortune Gong. I was betting max of $5 and the machine just randomly gave me the jackpot bonus. The machine said I was guaranteed either the major or grand. The major was $459 and the grand was over $3000. I hit the spin button and I figured I would get the major which of course I got. I was very happy with either one. I was very surprised that it randomly came up with only the major or grand instead of also having the mini and minor on the wheel also. I will take the major any day if I can do this again.
    Good luck hope you keep winning.

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