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    I understand your feelings on this however the thought of "Government take over" immediately scared me.

    IRS officials with a station that you check in your playing money amount and check out when leaving to determine any amount owed!

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    But I do not want the entity that bends over the citizenry with Lottery programs that make the tightest casinos look downright giving regulating casinos more. The return to player on any government run lottery/gambling is awful, and you hear the advertisements constantly prodding you to play. I'll take my chances on tighter slots for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steph View Post
    I personally don't think the slot machines are random any longer. They are computers.... and a computer can be programmed for anything. I believe that the slot machines of today can be programmed to pay out on certain bet amounts, that the machines can be programmed to not pay out any bonus or progressives, or that they can program a bonus or progressive only on max bet besides the payout percentage even if it is a progressive or bonus on any bet amount. With server based games, they can change those things with a few clicks of a mouse if you are winning too much. I no longer trust that slot machines are random... no matter what they tell me. I look for the oldest machines in the casino when I go for just these reasons. When it was RNG only games, winning was much more often. Now? Hardly at all.... bonuses are minimal, and few and far between, and line hits are the same. Sadly, I no longer go as often because of this.
    Quote Originally Posted by feelinlucky? View Post
    I also agree 100% with you, dear lady. The computer age has changed Charles Fey's mechanical and modest invention into a Monster that not only addicts us into its parlor but squeezes our life bread from our back pockets in minutes as we stand by babbling justification.

    The worst part is that government goes along and allows the trickery. Any other such dubious enterprise would be investigated, shut down and punished. So it seems for many reasons that we have a case of collusion and conspiracy between our Protector and those who wish to pick our pockets.

    I hate to be so cynical in my old age and after a lifetime of slot playing that used to be so enjoyable. But it is what it is. Given the fact that gambling is now so prevalent in the USA, the government needs to step in and regulate with strict enforcement in order to protect its citizenry. It could even consider taking over the industry (as gaming is conducted in some other countries) to insure a fair deal both for the providers and the participants. The present regimen is not satisfactory. It's happy days for the industry and sour lemons for customers. And we know something is greedily wrong when the slot machine manufacturers are unhappy that the casino bosses are squeezing the golden goose to the point of strangulation.

    Section 14.040 of the Nevada gaming regulations: All possible game outcomes must be available upon the initiation of each play of a game upon which a player commits a wager on a gaming device.

    IE, every possible outcome must be fair and balanced to any player on any machine.

    The casino cant order a slot machine that would favor one player over the next. Nor would a slot manufacturer bother to make such a device. To whose benefit would it be? If all those big line hits and steady bonuses only came to those betting Max, the casino would be paying out a fortune in wins. And if you flip that, and favor the Min bettors, the casino wouldnt payout nearly as much on a lucky streak, but they would chase off all their big players who now never win anything.

    I can absolutely tell you the casino does not flip a switch and set machines from pay to steal. This has come up before, so I actually blogged about it if you ever wondered just how much work and effort it would take to change the payout on a machine. Also, the casino doesnt have to fudge a machine to pay a Max Bettor more than a Min bettor, they dont have to! Many titles require Max Bet in order to win a progressive, or trigger a bonus. They almost always entice you to risk more.

    Here you go:


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