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    Cleveland Horseshoe Issues and Results Sept 18 - 19

    DW (MrsPenguin) and I had an overnight at the Cleveland Horseshoe Sept 18 and 19. Looks like a couple of issues have come up at the Horseshoe. We noticed several banks of machines out of service. Sat down to play WR as 3 techs were working on one bank. Since the machines were different we could only assume issue was with feed from central server. They were there for over the hour we spent in the area. Also, heard them talking about the night before when one of the techs found a bad video feed line, but did not report it. Just walked away.

    Couple of times needed slot attendant. After pushing button waited more than 10 minutes and no show. Hard to find these people IMO. Also one supervisor did mention to us in conversation that many players have complained to her about the low payout at the Horseshoe. Worst of the 3 casinos/racinos in Ohio.

    First day was lowest attendance we have seen in our 6 trips. Second day picked up due to a couple of promotions, one involving seniors.

    Stayed at the Ritz. Wanted to spend an hour or so in hot tub. Under repair. Went to pool. Green stuff growing. (Maybe they need a Quicken Loan?)

    On good side the penny slots played well for us. We had an 88% payback over 12 hours of play. (Overall payback for Horseshoe is 88.5%) We would have been better but decided to play Wild Shootout at end of visit. Lose what we put in machine or hit it big. Guess how that turned out?

    Lucky Penny played very well for us and others. Saw 2 "splashing whale" bonuses. Never saw this before. This bonus leads to 5 free spins with the penguin throwing groups of wilds on each screen. Also the first spin becomes a repeat win. Wound up with a 65 X bet payoff. For newbies, we have to remember the luck involved with slots. On the second day we won back everything we lost on first day in a 2 hour period. Only lost 30% of BR in all. Since we are low rollers and slow payers we will step up the betting amount as we ran out of time and became bored after 12 hours in a 1 1/2 days. Tried playing faster, but that wasn't enjoyable to us.

    Will return to Horseshoe for comped overnight in mid Oct. But for now headed to AC for our first trip next week. Three nights. Have good sized BR (for us) as the goal is to have fun and get re-comped for more trips.

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    Apparently the revenue the Ohio casinos would create was overestimated by 30%. I still haven't been to Cleveland, but I may be stopping into Toledo for a short time this weekend.

    Good info and thanks for the update. Good luck.


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