Walking in from the parking garage yesterday, every patron could be heard saying "What happened?" The balcony was empty and dark. All slots removed...100%.

"Promotions" is being moved to the balcony. I'm not sure if this is temporary due to renovations on the hotel side of the casino or a permanent relocation. Those who know weren't talking, and those who were talking, don't know.

I would assume this is temporary due to renovations on the other side. What casino operators in their right mind would take this this much slot space permanently off the floor?

It's funny to watch regulars (myself included) walking in to a casino and seeing some of their favorite slots missing and/or moved. Now I know how the dog feels when his dish is moved.

The main floor was active too. Many machines shut down, and many others blocking the aisles. I suppose they are replacing some of the low-play slots there with the favorites from the balcony.

Despite all that, had a good day. No big wins but enough little ones to return home with exactly was I brought with me. That's winning. Going back again today for more. Third-Wednesday of the month is "Heroes Buffet." Vets and military get free buffet.