I didn't know whether to put this under win or loss kind of both.

Went yesterday to Winstar for Thursday poker tournament. But first I wanted to check out the new and improved Border Casino. Gone are the trailers, it's in a beautiful building. So pretty and clean inside. Budget of $100. I was up and down, sset to leave with all my $$$. Then I saw a guy playing one of those crap machines having fun. So I have never played these and don't really know alot about craps. So played maybe an hour eventually losing all my cash. All. Out to the car now what. Well maybe I will run into Winstar and check on freeplay. I had $10. This is where the real fun starts. I play $5 on Spy vs Spy cause it's fun. Cashed out that $5 at $30 ... wow. Something led me to a Lighting Link Vegas. 1 cent dom .50cent bet. Get a bonus pretty quick that takes me to $50. Then another and another and another. Next thing you know I have $90. Look at time and if I hustle I can go play poker. I have to buy in before first break. Made it with 2 minutes to spare. I played tournament and got knocked out around 20th place. Then played another hour on the other $5 freeplay.
Wild and fun afternoon. No pictures and I so wish I did. I left my phone in the car thinking I wouldn't be there long lol.