i have done the same thing. I will cash out a big ticket and put it in my purse hoping the money I brought will last me long enough until I decide to go home. Most of the time I luck out and win more money from the money I brought but sometimes I wind up putting the money I brought in the machines and when it is gone getting the ticket out of my purse and wind up losing it too.
A couple weeks ago I got really lucky and put a ticket for $1000 in my purse and used a $100 I brought and turned it into $1000 also. I used the last $100 I brought and turned it into $800. It was getting really late by that time so I decided to go home with the $2800. I started with $500 and went home with $2800. I was really proud of myself for taking home all that money. As soon as I got in the car I thanked my husband for helping me win again. Good luck everyone.