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    My year so far-hanging out with Rich99- some fun wins!

    Hey fanatics hope you have all been well! 2019 has not started as well as 2018 but I have had some fun wins! Just for the record Rich99 and I hung out one night and we played American original for Wendy and won 100 games! Hilariously enough that was my biggest win of the night and I lost all my money. Rich got a nice hit on Sparkling Nightlife which I posted in one of the videos I am sharing. I will post Wendy's video sometime soon!

    Haven't had a full screen yet this year yet on my two favorites King of Africa and Mystical Unicorn but I got 2 wilds away 1 time!
    Also I have been playing a lot more konami I got a nice bonus on Electrifying Riches which helped me come back 1 night a bit.

    My worst so far was I went to Mohegan Sun and my last 3 trips I did awesome because I hit a major progressive twice and almost a full screen before that. However this time I lost 200 dollars in 20 minutes minimum betting then took out 200 more and lost that. I have been good lately about not going over budget but I am not driving all that way to lose and drive home that fast!

    The worst feeling is getting a bonus on a machine and winning absolutely nothing! I really despise wms G+ with progressives. Matthew from the forum and I both like stand alone machines better because its all about the gameplay!

    Anyway I have decided to take a month off from gambling and wait till my birthday in March. I have been really busy with a small business my friends and I started and I am still working hard to pay my student loans!

    PS. I know a lot of people don't like the Patriots but we won baby!!! 6 time champs!!! I went to the parade and made a video! there were 1.5 million people there! I bet rich99 is happy I know Matthew is!

    Be sure to check out my channel. Some fun wins:

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    Great vids.. Hoping for better luck for you next time you go. I must agree about the WMS G+ games with progressives attached. They seem much tighter than the ones without. I also learned early on to never chase that progressive.
    As to the Pats, DH is from Malden, MA and he and family are lifelong fans. I say to the haters.. Tell your team to play better🏈😀

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    You and Rich are soooo funny ~ playing AO for ME!!!! Glad it showed you some love!

    .....and GRRRRRRR re: losing $200 so fast...especially minimum betting. And then taking out more and having it hoovered as well. I felt your pain reading that. Also, HATE it when you wait forever for a bonus and it's basically a zero. Slap in the face!

    I, too, am on a casino break and tightening up extra spending to help with a trip in mid-March. Good luck to us both!!
    Home is where the heart is but any spare change I find goes in the Vegas Fund!

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    WTG Craig!! Great Wins & Vids!!
    The parade was the Best!! lol!! .. Talk to ya tonight...
    Here with You! since 9/29/09


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