We are so darned busy these days that I knew that David would think we were just not doing anything for his birthday. Ha, I always find a way. But I had to have co-conspirators.
Called his boss to see if he cou ld have today off without knowing. Yup no problem. My daughter ordered a cake from his fav bakery. It came out so good with a big 49 and a red headed stick figure hanging on to it. It got dug into before photos.
Last night I went to the shop. He was so surprised. We had whiskey and cake. I said not too much for me long drive. What? Then his boss told him he had today off. Stayed the night at Winstar, we haven't before as it's only an hour or so. The hotel is so nice.
Had dinner at our fav place there. Then gambled till midnight. Slept in till 8am gambled up and down till about 2pm. Also at lunch at NYC the beer cheese sauce is amazing. Took home $60.

I have some photos on the phones but their dead. I have to say I'm in love with the Knight Rider game. Everi did good. I could play it for hours.