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    Quote Originally Posted by Grid View Post
    I was going to take them up on it. I spent a lot of my time at Cosmo in Vegas in 2018, so I only managed Gold with Mlife. I know enough to avoid those horrible "Specialty Games" and I do OK sticking to "standard" slots for the $3 coin = 10 tier credits.

    I thought I could hit them up early in 2019, use my accelerated TC earning (20%) and set myself up for Platinum once more for the year.

    Looking over the rules for the Beau, it's $3 coin for a base point (Non-Specialty) which only nets 2 TC's. Yikes! I would have to play 5 times as much to earn the same Tier Credits as I would in Vegas.

    When I do the Borgata junket, they have the same TC junk earning, but they offset that with all the bonus slot dollars and comp dollars you earn. I cant see much reason to do Beau.

    My $1K per day bankroll usually nets me close to $10K coin per day in Vegas. That is 3,333 points X 20% bonus = 40,000 tier credits. 5 days of play and I'm usually on point for Platinum. The same play at Beau is 6,666 TC's per day, VS 40,000. That is a huge downer!
    I stopped going to the Beau 3 years ago when I realized that I could (and have) reach Platinum quite readily in Vegas but never would at the Beau.

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