This magazine has got to be the most misleading thing on the planet. I go to the page for the Gulfcoast since we go to Biloxi this time of year and they list The Scarlet Pearl as having the best reels, and The Beau as the best video slots. I stay at the Scarlet Pearl and they must have about 5 reels and that is it. I count reels as the ones that go clink, clink, clink old school, not the video versions of a reel. And saying the Beau has the best video slots is just sad since they are linked to MGM and we know how that goes. I lose my shirt when I play their video slots. Anyway how is a person supposed to get a true picture when it looks like favoritism (ad dollars) seems to run the awards? It is the same for the Vegas casinos in the magazine. I am sure regular Vegas peeps will disagree with their picks. There must be some place a regular Joe can find honest answers to the best casinos for various wants ( slots, video poker, table games, etc.)?