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I've burned through hundreds of dollars in cash, and far, far more on credit vouchers on some machines. 30-60 zero-credit spins, followed by a spin with 6 or 18 credits then another 30-50 zero-credit spins. In 2008 I burned through $970 in casino's credit from a voucher I cashed out with the day prior. At $2/spin, I was DONE that voucher in 11 mins. I even had a security guard and 2 slot attendants watching me burn through several rounds of 50+ zero-credit wins. 73 successive spins without a single win of any kind. This actually got me angry enough to call the gaming enforcement branch of our gov't regulated gambling/gaming facilities and conduct an investigation.
Last weekend I was playing a Wonder Woman slot machine at max bet of $2.50 per spin. I burned through $300+ and not a single bonus. The pays on this game are not high to begin with so being down $300 is almost impossible to make back. I almost felt like calling for a slot attendant and saying the game is broken because there's no bonus. It's not like the bonus is super lucrative either. Then I quit that game and played the one next to it. Different game, but same result. I went through A LOT of spins to finally get a bonus that paid only 10x

Bonuses are not what they used to be long ago.