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    Quote Originally Posted by twina1970 View Post
    About a year ago , our dishwasher quit working, So off we go to look for a new one at the local Sears store. The sales lady told the boyfriend that if he a good woman at home, He wouldn’t need to buy a dishwasher, Guess who didn’t buy anything from there.

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    twina, I think the Sears sales lady is a little whacked out, don't you? After all she's not going to make too many sales if she keeps telling her customers that only "good women" wash dishes by hand lol!
    My wife is Wonderful in every way imaginable with or without dishwashers or anything else!!
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    Best Buy Playing Games!

    An alternative if they offer what you want is Costco. Bought my dishwasher on sale. Free shipping, free installation and removal. Two year warranty with executive membership which is doubled with their Visa card. So 4 year warranty.

    The only thing wierd is you do not speak to a single person along the way. Unless you call to ask a question.

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    Grandma has had the same dishwasher since 1985 or something. There is no top rack it broke off.. Lol. She says she doesnt give a damn more gambing money if she doesnt fix it... LOL Another reason why my family is upset. The thing could stop working completely and she wouldnt care she would start buying paper plates!!! lol Glad you handled the situation well

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich99 View Post
    So my dishwasher stopped working a couple of days ago and now my wife is washing dishes the old fashioned way.
    The problem is the electronic control panel is all screwed up which is surprising because the dishwasher (Samsung) is only 7 yrs old.
    So I call my local appliance repair man and he tells me it will cost $300 to $400 to replace the panel. In my mind I'm thinking 3 to $400 means $400. I told him I'll talk it over with my wife and get back to him and explained at that price I may be better off buying a new one...
    So I get on my desktop and go to Best Buy .com. I look at all the makes & models and customer reviews.
    I narrow my choices to two, a $550 Whirlpool and a $750 KitchenAid. The reviews for both were excellent!
    My wife and I decided the less expensive Whirlpool was more than good enough and there was no need to spend $200 more.
    So I print out the Whirlpool and off to Best Buy I go... Before I get there we decided to buy the 5yr Geek Squad Ext Warr.
    So I'm talking with the salesman who was very nice and he explains to me delivery is free but installation is $250 because they send out a licensed plumber. I said wait a minute I just purchased a dishwasher from this store for my sister just a few months ago and delivery & install was free! He explained it must have been a promotion at that time.
    He said allow me to make a suggestion, if you switch your purchase from Whirlpool to KitchenAid starting tomorrow installation is free! On KitchenAid only. I said Great the $200 more expensive KitchenAid was my 2nd choice and I'm saving $250 on the install!
    I said let's do this! He said I can't, the promo starts tomorrow. I said just date the paper work for tomorrow, I'm here now ready willing & able! lol. He said I can't, the computer will date it today. I said alright, see you tomorrow.
    So this morning I turn on the computer to see if it now says free installation, and I yelled out These Dirty Bastards with their unethical pricing! They should be ashamed of themselves!!
    Yesterday: $749.99 save $60 was $809.99. 5yr geek squad $124.99. $250 install.
    Today: $794.99 save $60 was $854.99. 5yr geek $139.99. Free install.

    I mean it is obviously disappointing with the price games they play but what really bothers me is the "save $60 was $809.99 vs save $60 was $854.99". So which one is it? and how can they both be $60?!
    In my opinion this is borderline fraudulent!
    So within an hour I will be in Best Buy with print outs of yesterday & today and I will be equipped with sword & shield and I will give them at least 98 pieces of my mind!! I'll fix em! !
    Any thoughts/opinions???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich99 View Post
    thelma, those were the good ole days I don't think Anything is going to last 26yrs anymore...
    Infact i've read reports that major applianceses are now made to last no longer than 8 years!!
    Well my dishwasher lasted 7 so i guess i almost made it lol!
    i have an 89 celica . still going strong ! lol


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