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    double diamonds

    Looking at the pay table one would think there is at least a reasonable chance of some extended play( top prize is nice but it is usually around 800x bet and not nearly as big as many other games with higher multipliers)...furthermore the second top hit is roughly 300x bet. I think it stands to reason that this game in theory is based on more frequent but generally smaller wins.

    I have recently had a few mind bogglingly bad sessions on this game in the past few weeks, astonishingly bad considering the paytable....for example an 800 plus spin session with only 2 hits at 20x bet!! I stuck it out bc sometimes I like to see just how awful a game could be.

    With a return that should be 90 pct or better to the player (yes yes I know about lifetime etc, millions of spins,etc) but has anyone else had similar luck with a game which does not have a really huge pay table?? I expect big loosing potential on games like 10x or 12x pay, 5x pay etc, triple double rwb,etc but in 800 plus spins not getting one solid hit (75-100x bet).....seems almost suspicious such extraordinarily bad luck

    Thoughts anyone?
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