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    Video poker $5 a hand vs $5 for 100 hands

    I started playing 100 hands penny video poker to add points to my Total Rewards cards. I play fast, so 2 bets totaling $10 equals one point.
    So, it seems to me that my $100 lasts longer on the penny 100 hands video poker machine. It is practically impossible to lose every hand when you have 100 of them and not unusual to lose one hand on the dollar video poker machine.
    I usually play JOB or deuces wild.
    anyone have any opinion, data, suggestion regarding this topic? I do play the same regardless of how many hands. Seems less risky has to what decision I make when air have 100 hands. But when you only one hand, you only have one chance to get it right.

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    There are a few things to notice about 100 hand penny vs. playing a higher denom 1 hand game (or triple/five/ten). First, the paytable for these types of game will be much lower than standard 9/6 obviously. Second, each deal is $5 meaning you are paying .05/hand. Look at your often are those below the $5 mark? I would guess quite often, more so than .05 or .25 standard vp games.

    Essentially, if you are betting $5 a draw it would be more advantageous to play something like .50 ($2.50) or $1 ($5.00) VP 5 coin. If you just want to "tread $$ and fill time", then 100 play might be fun. Everyone has a different way and strategy. Check out VP2Free ( to find the best games/paytables at your local.

    I play the Super Times Pay at .05 and .10 denoms and usually play max bet on 1 hand only (.30 & .60 respectively). If I win enough, then i might play more hands. On that game, max is $3 on nickel and $6 on dime (ten hands).
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    Multiple hands reduces variance. The only time you're going to have a nice win is when you're dealt pat hands. Your money will last longer not having swings. My personal peeve about multiple hands is if you make mistakes they're multiplied instead of being on just one hand.
    That's all folks!


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