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Games like Lightning Link, WD and WD2 are volatile games. They're not bad-paying, per se, they're just designed to give very few people very large wins while the rest get absolutely pummeled. No different than the Wicked Winnings series.

If you're not one of these select few people, the game is going to come across as absolutely horrible.

You want bad-paying games? Pretty much any game that features Ultra-stacked reels. Why people continue to play games that pay 20x on a full screen of a symbol is beyond me.
I agree that Lightening Link is not bad paying, its a volatile game. I've been on the winning side three or four times but those times in between make you want to throw a jackhammer it's way. I have to give it a rest occasionally, but when I do go back, I don't sit there and keep feeding it like I have in the past willing it to win!