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    I believe one person was able to get to all 36 casinos and kept a diary of their Quest:
    Still do not see the last 7 entries so hard to believe they actually did it all.
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    They very well could have gotten the last badges, as if you start early, you could legit do them all in a day and just end in an AC sleepover. Still, I need to see proof. She pumped up the promotion a little too much for me in the beginning. To each their own, but in my opinion this promotion didn't remotely get it right. Looking back, I feel like the target audience was Platinum players because, ADT and such aside, it's too much work and traveling for someone content with Gold or especially Diamond, as those points wouldn't get you to Aspiration Level, even with the extra promos some casinos were running.

    That said, I still applaud CET for offering ways to level up and get points with extra curricular activity. Don't want to pay for parking or resort fees? Eh, go on this Quest to our casinos. Otherwise, I got my useless extra 1K with my normal trips. Last year I got 1K extra for confirming my e-mail.


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