Hit this slot exclusively with my cousin yesterday. We both had a 500$ bank roll each. This game is hard to win on! I played WW2 and Buffalo 2 screens each. I never got the tower bonus. I got 9 bonus rounds overall with one on WW2 retriggering 5 times. My highest win on any bonus was 12 bucks on a 3.60 bet. My cousin hit the tower bonus once and won 6 bucks. We were both done in an hour.

To get a decent payout, you need to actually get the tower bonus which is not easy. Then, you need to fill the entire tower up with every screen to activate the multipliers which is even harder, then you need to "hope" for a x10 and actually get a hit on that particular screen.

I've been watching videos of this game on youtube and really no one has a big win that I've seen. For the bet size for minimum, this game is really bad. I'm probably going to try it again just because it's driving me nuts to fill the tower up!