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    Random note to add- when you're going to hit a progressive, it does a suspense-spin on the last reel when it gets to it. I kinda like it, when you spin and you think it's a dead spin and then suddenly realize there's a prize coming.

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    I tried these too. Seems like the base game paid poorly or was set lower than the normal versions of the same game. Although the base games on Lightning Link pay bad too but I don't seem to mind as much. I may try these again but not rushing to do it.

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    I played this yesterday at the Silverton in Vegas. I played only Timberwolf Deluxe, started out betting 1 buck per spin. The pay table is TERRIBLE. Most wins are 1/2 the pay on the stand alone machine. This can make it very tough to do well if you don't get in the bonus and do well. And, of course, the bonuses are smaller since the line hits are smaller.

    Having said that, I cashed a ticket for over 500.00 on my first session. I got into the bonus on 1.00 dollar bet, and had a good bonus, then got in the bonus again on a 3.00 bet, and had a smoking bonus, with two great hits at 10x. I even got a retrigger, but the second bonus was terrible. I chose 12 spins at 3x and 6x, got only one multiplier and one winning spin for less than 5 bucks on a 3.00 bet. I also got the mini and minor bonuses playing 3.00 per line.

    Based on my limited play, it is pretty obvious that your chances of getting the pregressive bonuses go up the higher you bet, but man that can get expensive if you are not hitting. I played a second round later in the day, went through 60 bucks in 10 minutes betting a buck a spin, hitting nothing.


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