Hello everyone, I had a few questions about livestreaming on Youtube via cell phone.. is it possible to do right now? I've done a ton of google searching and it seems in June Youtube announced at a press conference livestreaming would be available and very simple to do, just by pushing a giant button on the app.

I've also seen that the new iPhone, I believe, has had this capability for months now. I have an older (in the world of phones) Android and it doesn't seem like live streaming is available on my phone.

I remember SDGuy planned to do a Youtube livestream but couldn't figure it out/it wasn't possible so that never happened and he used Facebook instead. Others online say it is possible to use Youtube Gaming to livestream but that seems to only broadcast what is on your phone screen, not what you see through the camera lens.

If anyone has any idea when livestreaming will be available for all Youtubers please let me know! I was at the casino this past weekend and discovered for the first time that they had Wi-Fi with a good connection so I was very exciting to try and live stream but it didn't work.