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    Automated roulette.

    At the casino my friend plays the automated roulette machines instead of the real wheel because of lower minimum bets and he says it's the same thing anyways. Part of me knows the casino can't cheat, and they already have the edge so why would they. But another part thinks it could be easily rigged. With computers it's much easier to have certain numbers or bets come up or not come up.

    Anybody have any input on if the automated roulette machines are safe to play?

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    Automated games like Aruze's "Shoot to Win Craps", Roulette, Blackjack, etc. still have to meet jurisdiction and gaming approvals to be on the floor. So yes, the automated machines are safe to play, just like the table counterparts. Many times, like you friend said, the minimums are lower so you can play longer than you can at a table game, stretching your bankroll. Also, players like these because they aren't as intimidated as they would be at the table. You typically do get more spins, hands or rolls at these automated games than you would at a table as well because the transactions are handled quickly by the machine instead of dealers, which typically slow down the game.

    Additionally, some casinos allow you to earn comp points on these automated machines at a better rate than you would on a table game. That varies by property as some have signage indicated that play earns no points on these.

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    Yup, I'd say they're safe. I used to play the TableMaster blackjack ALL the time, and did relatively well. In the middle of us slotting, I'd go throw in $20 or so and play a few hands. I caught good streaks a TON of times and, as said, would earn way more points than I would at the tables. They've since reduced the earning potential of that and the "cabinet" roulette machines, so I play them less. I personally like the rapid roulette machines, as watching a real ball bounce around is aesthetically pleasing. The virtual ball does nothing for me.


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