The games play very much like the real ones (on mobile; on my desktop they're laggy and glitchy), and I was psyched to play Stack of Gold. So much so that I bought coin packages periodically so I could play that--and Buffalo, which takes 1 million coins per spin on the iOS version, so basically you never get to play it unless you pony up for coins. At the piddly amounts they give you daily, it's hard to accumulate much.

And I've noticed a clear pattern where I buy a coin package and suddenly I get crazy hits and my total coins skyrocket--I was up to 750 million recently. So I get complacent and up my bets and it starts dwindling. Fewer and fewer bonuses. I start dropping my bet. The losses mount. By the time I'm back down to a couple million, I can't hit a damn thing ever. The rare bonus I hit is paying 3-10x my bet a lot of the time.

I've been thru that cycle at least three or four times now. I know it's supposed to be random, and it's hard to believe they could rig it this blatantly without somebody blowing the whistle on it, but it's hard to deny the very consistent pattern of windfall wins after a purchase followed by tighter and tighter play.

Anyone else seeing this?