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    Had to save this one too...*LOL*

    So I went to Harrah's last night (08/03) and initially walked up to the area where they have banks of 2 machines. One "two bank" area had the choice of Stinking Rich & CATS. Now I thought of going to Stinking Rich of course though that game hardly gives me much play but I decided on CATS. Why I'll never know.

    When I was making that choice, I was in the tail end of a downward spiral moneywise. I had less than $20 left after a losing streak in Jungle Wild 3, Aristocrat's V.I.P., and China Shores (blew $50 there alone).

    So I was going down on CATS and getting an occasional hit to save me, when this guy came and sat next to me playing Stinking Rich. I was half paying attention to him (you know since I was focused on my own game) and saw that he got the holy grail of bonuses with 35 spins pretty quickly. I was thinking to myself, damn I never get that darn bonus, maybe I should've played that machine. RNG you know be damned...*LOL*. Now mind you I've recently finally gotten the TRASH for CASH mini-bonus a few times but KEYS TO RICHES remained elusive.

    So his girlfriend comes up and she's telling him 'Omgosh you just beat my record'. Apparently she set this record earlier in the evening. I look over and it looks like he has $1476. She herself said she hit $1400 on another machine whose name escapes me. So needless to say they were having a good evening...*LOL*.

    I congratulate him. He's really nice and says thanks. He pushes the SERVICE button and surprisingly the slot attendant arrives rather quickly. She makes a corny joke about him being Stinky Rich...*LOL*. He brings me in the convo by saying 'didn't I just literally come over two minutes before', which I confirmed. The handpay incident happened rather quickly. It was my first time witnessing it right next to me. I've seen from distance in past but wasn't privy to what happened.

    So basically he immediately told her he wanted all taxes taken out up front (clearly he has experience in the handpay department...*LOL*). The slot atttendant then offered him a night's stay at Harrah's. It sounded like she mentioned a discounted rate but I'm not sure. I guess this may be done to ensure that he stays and spends it at Harrah's. So slot attendant takes off but before doing so resets the machine. I'm guessing slot attendant paid him too since he was able to resume playing Stinking Rich. You know I was trying not to be nosey. I eventually get down to $10 before calling it quits. I wish him more luck and he thanks me before I leave.

    In looking at the HANDPAY pic when I first posted it, I realized that he was gambling $10 a spin, which is definitely quite gutsy for the game. So it was rather good that he got the bonus right away and managed to get a good handpay out of it.

    So you know I had to find another Stinking Rich machine with dreams of a handpay in sight. (This was before I realized he was gambling $10 a spin...*LOL*) I found a second Stinking Rich machine but it wouldn't take my TITO. I go in the back towards their cafe area and find another SR machine. I stick my $10 TITO in there and lose it.

    I was out of moolah but still was determined to get my STINKING RICH handpay because you know that guy got it so it had to happen to me too, right? Yeah gotta love my warped logic. So I did the ATM WALK OF SHAME :( and got $120 out. I found a third Stinking Rich machine and sat next to the sweetest old lady playing original recipe Wolf Run. I'll call her Sophia. She was betting $2 a spin and was getting a lot of WILD spins here and there. So many wins from $10 - $80. But Sophia kept lamenting to me that she wanted that BONUS so bad.

    Slot manufacturers are sooo smart. They know we really play the games for the bonuses. She was doing soooo good on the base game and even with that she wasn't happy since she wasn't getting the bonus.

    So I had a few small hits on SR but no "KEYS TO RICHES" lined up perfectly myself with the $20 I stuck in. I was playing the good ol' 77 lines with no luck so far. So I told Sophia that Wolf Run is very hard to get a bonus similar to Stinking Rich. In the meantime she kept hitting some very nice line hits. She told me that she was playing $4 a spin earlier and wasn't nearly getting as much hits.

    Everytime she would get two out of the three symbols, she'd moan 'NO BONUS', which made me smile. And then it happened. I finally got my first "KEYS TO RICHES" bonus. I couldn't believe it. It was a line of 3 "KTR" symbols straight across the next to lower bottom left reels and ending with the bottom of third reel. It gave me only 5 spins for line 3.

    Sophia saw that I got the bonus and exclaimed her excitement that I got it. That bonus netted me $1.50. Sophia and I both shared a laugh over the low bonus.

    Normally I probably would've left after that disgusting bonus but Sophia was so sweet and oddly enough I found myself feeling somewhat protective of her (her family was elsewhere in the casino and occasionally her daughter would come by to check on her) and didn't want to leave. It's amazing for me how depending who I'm sitting next to, I wind up playing at a machine longer than I normally would. This became the case with Sophia.

    She still was holding her own and she did express pleasure in that but still wanted that bonus. I ran out of the $20 I had and decided to stick in my remaining $100. I wound up getting a second "KTR" bonus for another 10 spins. This was the lower bottom reels and slanting up to the third row's bottom reels for lines 47 and 61. That one did a little better for $2.60. Sophia and I shared another laugh.

    But she lamented that at least I got a couple bonuses as she continued to get good line hits....*LOL*.

    So I decided I might as well up my bet to $1.00 so I could potentially get all the lines. It was weird since it looked like an older version SR machine but maybe I was wrong. I got a third "KTR" bonus on the same combo as my second and this time got 20 spins. It netted me $5.

    I would wind up getting 6 more bonuses after that. It was so weird. I never ever gotten the KTR bonus before and all of a sudden I got nine of them with two Trash for Cash bonuses thrown in. I had two good bonuses that ended with me winning $51 and $61 respectively.

    Sophia finally got a bonus somewhere in the midst of all my bonusing and then she said '5 spins' only. We both chuckled. She said that the base game was definitely better. She decided to go leave to find her daughter. I wished her much luck and that's when I got my last bonus that netted me the $61. I decided to cash out at that point.

    Then I had some really good luck in some other games but I ended the night by going back to the original STINKING RICH machine that gave the guy the handpay. Thankfully it was available and someone else was playing CATS. I put my TITO in and I didn't get the BONUS but I got my first real visit from Miss Gottrich (however you spell her name)?

    Oddly enough it was for $147, almost a near multiple to what the handpay was. I wonder if that was what the guy got. But then again he had 35 spins so he might've gotten some other good stuff.

    After hitting Miss Gottrich, I cashed out and hightailed it out of Harrah's, leaving up for the first time since having 8 losing sessions.

    And as KEN cleverly pointed out in my main "STINKING" evening thread , the HANDPAY pic was taken diagonally whereas you can see, my win was taken STRAIGHT UP. ;)

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    I remember this night!

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    LOL that could've been my handpay if I was low rolling. Ah well.

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    You have WAY too much fun! ;)

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    LOL Great Story Meedis!! Thanks for sharing!!


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