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    Epic Three Kings Win - OLD

    I had to save this one on the new thread just in case.

    *********************** O L D I E ***** B U T ***** G O O D I E ***** P O S T ******************************

    I went to Ameristar in East Chicago today to play a few slots and during the course of my time playing went to play Three Kings. I had a $25 TITO that I inserted. For some reason the particular screen for the game was tinted really dark so you really had to strain in order to see the hits. Plus the sound was pretty nonexistant even though it was set to medium. That of course didn't bother me as much as the dark screen...*LOL*. The free spin progressives were set as follows: 63 GREEN, 36 RED, and 20 PURPLE.

    Three Kings has been spanking my butt big time since my few luck wins. I did get a RED bonus for the first time in a while last April but the final tally barely broke the $120 mark. Other than that time it had been a long dry spell for hitting GREEN and RED. I did get PURPLE a few times but those usually made me even or took me close to it.

    So today I tell myself that I'm only going to use the $25 and that's it. So I went a little back and forth and the RED and PURPLE progressives both went up 1 to 37 and 21 respectively. Just when I was down to somewhere between $12 and $13, I hit the RED bonus for 37 spins.

    I was glad to hit the RED and not have to test whether I really was going to stop at $25.

    Unfortunately this rude smoker came and sat right next to me. His smoke blew right in my direction and he didn't give a crap. I was thinking to myself the bonus would end soon enough (if I fast forward) and I'll get a decent $100 - $125 extra dollars and spare my lungs.

    Three Kings had other plans for me.

    Within my first ten spins I got my first retrigger:

    As I mentioned the screen was tinted really dark so it was hard to make out (so my pictures are even more blurrier than usual) but I made history and got my first ever GREEN retrigger. I was pretty excited but mostly contained myself and was 'oh my' to myself while covering my mouth. So my 37 spins turned to 87 spins.

    Literally two spins later I got my second retrigger:

    I couldn't believe it. I had already made history getting a GREEN retrigger for the first time ever and lo and behold I get another GREEN retrigger. I guess I have to suffer a bit longer but I know the end will be so worth it. So now my total spins are 137 spins. At this point I was saying to myself...'Holy Shit' as I racked up the dollars.

    So the spins are going along and I get a GREEN retrigger tease but this time it didn't happen. I figure yeah that would be too unbelievable. But I got two GREEN retriggers already so I guess anything's possible at this point.

    Around spin 49 I get my third retrigger. This time it's PURPLE for an additional 12 spins. So now my total spins are 149 spins. At this point I'm like 'no freaking way' is this happening. Around this point my total credits are in the upper $150 range.

    I get a few nice $10 - $20 wins that moves my credit amounts along.

    Then around the 90th spin area I get my fourth retrigger. Yes I had four retriggers in my RED bonus that originally started at 37 spins. I get an additional PURPLE retrigger for 12 spins, bringing my total spins to 161 spins, increasing my already historic bonus longer. 'So unbelievable.'

    Rude smoker guy unfortunately was hitting a little bit on Black Widow so he was camping out just as long. I was really hoping he'd leave by the 100th spin. But I know he wasn't hitting as good as I was. I was already over $300 in the win with many more spins to go.

    I get some dead spins and some small wins here and there peppered with an occasional $10 win.

    Then somewhere in the 130's I get my fifth retrigger. This time it's RED for an additional 25 spins. At this point I just roll with it. My total spin count is now 186 spins. RED comes back and attempts another retrigger but fails. Later on in the 150s it tries again and fails.

    Regardless it shaped up to be an epic bonus. One that I wish I could've recorded. It'd be so nice to relive those moments again cause I know it'll never happen again...*LOL*. I'm almost afraid to play it again since it won't live up to this bonus (on a crappy screen with no sound...*LOL*).

    So after 186 spins I get:

    Grand total on the bonus is $563.45, higher than even my best GREEN bonus. My average win per spin was around $3.02.

    RS was still there so not wanting to stay a minute longer, I cashed out and left the machine with:

    That's my highest TITO ever...inching myself closer and closer to that elusive (to me) handpay.

    So Lea...keeping my fingers crossed to hear some news on a PC version of Three Kings. Heh.
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    If you would have been able to record all the spins, by the end you would have had to hold recorder in mouth, your hands would have been so tired.
    That's all folks!


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