Would love to hear your feedback on Goddess of the Glen, our new game! This one was designed by some of our mathematicians from Las Vegas.

It's a 3-3-5-5-5 array with 5 High Wilds. You can trigger a Picking Game on the Reels with 3 Bonus Crystals and win up to 15 Free Spins with matching symbols on the first two reels!

Here's a little clip that Wil Pagnaniban (our Motion Graphics artist) and Cat Arthur (our Composer) put together.


You can play the game for free on Android and iPhone -- would love your feedback.

PS - If you want, I'll have Coins added to your account!! Message me your User ID which you can find in the app by:
  • Tapping the Settings button on the top right corner of the screen (it's the button that looks like 3 hamburger-ish horizontal lines)
  • Looking at the bottom of the settings menu